What is the role of your pubic hair during sexual intercourse?

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There is a huge debate related to the pubic hair and whether one should keep it or not during their sexual intercourse. The first thing that should definitely pop into your mind is your preference. If you and your partner are comfortable with keeping the pubic hair during sexual intercourse, then you can definitely have it because it does have a lot of benefits. Apart from that, there are several benefits that pubic hair has and why one should not shave them.

Pubic hair does look gross to many people and which is why for hygienic purposes, they would prefer to remove the pubic hair, but according to studies not removing them is more hygienic. Once you remove your pubic hair completely and maintain them by using a proper cleanser in order to restrict the growth of different types of infection then you will save yourself from different types of …

How to avoid post-sex hair?

Sex is a pleasurable activity. It’s all fun and it cheers you up. It makes things good between two people. But there’s that one thing that girls definitely don’t like. And that is their post sex hair. Obviously, for the lady who just spent so much of her time getting ready for her guy don’t want her hair to get ruined just after they collide together in bed. It is definitely no problem if you’re planning a good shower afterwards or just gonna keep yourself there in the bed whole day after. But if you need to get somewhere after that, you’ll be messed up.

You definitely enjoy being there having that intense sex which definitely involves some hair pulling and hunching over the bed. All that sweat in your hair while sex will make it worse for them. you must be wondering of ways to keep you hair look …