Should You Shave Your Pubic Hair?

Shot of an unidentifiable young woman trimming a small plant with manicure scissors in studio

Everyone has their pubic hair preferences, and the topic of private grooming is heavily debated. While our ancestors used to be covered in a fuzzy layer of hair all over their bodies, shaving the vaginal or penile areas is common today. It results in a tidy and clean look and makes the genitals more accessible during various sexual activities. 

We all know shaving was popularized by pornography a few decades ago. However, it seems that the bush has recently seen a resurgence in popular culture. So should you shave your pubic hair, and does that include some health risks or benefits? Let’s find out!

Protective Layer for Friction

Contrary to popular opinion, pubic hair has a few different health purposes. It grows around the entire pubic area, which includes the pubic bone as well as the genitals. In puberty, pubes develop due to a spike in sexual hormones. Additionally, it

Stronger Hair and How to Achieve It

Healthy hair is a concern that many people have. Sometimes, it can all be up to genetics, but there are ways that you can improve what you have. And one of the ways to keep your hair healthy is to make it strong. Going about strengthening your hair can be a simple task to do if you are willing to change a few things. 

Why Do You Need Strong Hair

Everyone wants to have healthy, strong hair from their scalp to the tip. Hair health is a major concern among people regardless of their hair type and age. Many of them want to prevent hair loss or for their hair to thin out. Keeping your locks healthy would let you dodge a lot of issues down the road, making your daily routine more manageable. 

However, having thick hair does not mean that it is healthy. Health has to do with