The Things That Your Hair Can Tell About Your State of Health

Do you ever wonder what your hair can tell you about your health? Maybe spotting a few gray hairs or too much shedding indicates that you’re a bit more than just stressed out. 

Looking at your hair’s condition means more than just what it looks like aesthetically. So, let’s take a look at some of the things your hair can tell you.

Hair Is Graying Earlier Than Expected

Gray hair is something nobody wants to see before they get really old. We’re talking about when we’re 60 or over. But what if you’re noticing gray hairs in your twenties or thirties? Sound all of the alarms because something is definitely wrong. 

There are several reasons why your hair would lose its pigmentation at such an early stage in your life. The first thing we all think of is stress, and that’s entirely correct. Consistently being in stressful situations and having

Corn dildos: a better alternative to an actual corn

Have you seen that YouTube video called “Angel’s Bonus Technique?” Yeah, the one with the grapefruit. If you haven’t, we hope that the rock you’re living under is cozy enough. If you have, you know precisely how well fruit and blowjobs go together. Let’s face it — we can still hear Angel’s sound effect.

Now, you know how you look at a box with two holes in it, and you immediately see it as a face? That’s an evolutionary remnant from our hunting days. Perhaps it has nothing to do with our past, but we experience a similar process when we see a piece of corn. There’s no denying it — it looks like a dick! Some of us use corn to be funny in front of our pals (hey, look at my yellow cock-a-doodle-doo), but others see actual pleasure in it. When you search for corn (not on Google),

Men’s Hair Care Guide

Treating male hair is not different from treating female hair since there are virtually no differences between sexes in that regard. Usually, it’s only the length that varies. But fashion styles differ between individuals, and so do hairstyles.

Women dye, blow-dry, and iron their hair much more often, though, so they often need additional care. However, there is a misconception that men’s hair only needs to be washed and left to dry. But haircare for men is much more than that! And guys too can benefit from the same tips that ladies share.


Washing hair begins with adjusting the water temperature. It should be neither too hot nor too cold. Even though you are a male and your immune system is supposed to be stronger, extreme water temperatures can damage the hair cuticles.

Hot water will completely eradicate your hair’s natural moisture. If it’s too cold, you’ll get split …