Why Some Men Prefer Women With Short Hair

Do guys like girls with short hair? Or are they attracted only to those with luscious long locks? Long or short hair is one of the age-old questions. Here, we will discuss some of the reasons why some men prefer girls with short hair.

Short Hair Is Sexy

Throughout history, long hair has always been a symbol of beauty. We can see the importance of hair in religion, stories, myths, and they all show the power ladies with long locks possess. However, there are those who find short hair the definition of sexiness. The reason why the long-or-short-hair debate has been around for so long is that there are people in both groups.

As you probably know already, many cultures support longer hair on women, which is why many men find short hair sexy. For them, it is rebellious, different, and unique. Naturally, the choice of the “ideal” haircut depends