Are men with long hair more attractive?

Are men with long hair more attractive?

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The question above asked has a reference of good looking males of society. The recent lifestyle demands good looking people. Some males with long hairs look utterly amazing. The balance between looks and health is especially paramount in this fast-paced world.

Does hair play a significant connection with style? Or hair has something to do with tradition?

Today we will look upon appealing characteristics of long hair on both the gender especially concentrating on men with long hairs. Around the world, many cultures believe that hair has a special significance in life. People around the world have various distinct thought and belief system. According to an ancient belief, hair holds the power of connection.

Sometimes hair rolls out to add tons of good look with reception. It blends the strong fashion growth with personality improvement to look for fundamentals and game of thinking. The history of long hair personifies the growth of hair trend between men and women. Since the era of gods, long hair came into existence. Many Greek Gods and heroes used long hair to symbolize wealth, bravery and power. Shaven heads were signifying the slave and loser.

People meant to possess a distinct perception towards the length of hair. The various hair length along with mature facial quality judges the attractiveness of any human. When the head hair is allowed to grow up to a considerable length, it is called as the hairstyle of long hair. Some of the culture and beliefs are uniquely similar, such as long hair in Sikh and Native Americans.

They serve long hair as a sense of responsibility towards their culture and tradition. The effect of head hair on attractiveness is hardly examined. Grooming features enhance the adaption in the group. We will go deep inside the culture of long hair of men supporting the facial expression as well as the ground of judging looks.

What does long hair signify?

The significance of long hair doesn’t seem unknown in our world. Most of the people in the world tend to keep long hair once in their lifetime. The length of hair can convey the social presence of a human in any group. Usually, short hair induces social maturity as compared to people with long hairs. There is a sense of responsibility which can be overthrown through the physical appearance. The bearer of social maturity through long hair can be induced adaptively by men because it denotes the sexually dimorphic nature of development.

Did you know that hair length and religion has a connection? See this article from Allure.

Long hair signifies a rebellious free spirit in men. Many people use it as a sign for continuing to honor their ancestors, some people believe that their hair is a source of strength inside them and can be a part of their culture. The length of hair manifests the power and people think that it connects them with the earth. The connection between power, strength, and belongingness with their root is utmost needful to pertain connection with the creator.

Long hair can call femininity; it makes you look extra sexy and wild. Some beliefs reveal that long hair is connected with the superpower of the nervous system. It stimulates the information, energy, and power from the universe. The hair growth symbolizes healthy lifestyle.

History of long hair

Ancient Greek was having several Gods and heroes who wore long hair such as Zeus, Poseidon, and Apollo. Greek soldiers have worn long hair in battles to signify their warrior traits. Many philosophers were having long head hairs because they were too engrossed in their work, they did not bother to cut their hairs short.

In middle ages, long hair denoted freedom while short hair denoted slavery and bondage. The men and women of Gaelic Irish had seen the pride in their long hairs. Hairs were cut short to show the mourning and guilt for any dead body.

In the western side, the growth of long hair was in trend before World War one for male and female. The correlation between hair length and hair quality was significant to found in those days.

This part of the article will focus on men of the 20th century in the United States which was has been a main cultural force in the world from the last 100 years. Long hair was present in several cultures throughout history. In the western world, it was common with men until the First World War when short hair was introduced for soldiers, slaves and defeated armies were often required to shave their heads.

In the year 1914 to 1918, trench warfare exposed men to flea and lice swarm. It prompted the order cut short hair establishing a military tradition and it expanded among civils by imitation. And it was the norm for several decades to carry short hairs. In the path of the American dream, prosperity was seemed to be the white majority, but a group of rebels developed the reputation of new Bohemians’ hedonists who celebrated non-conformity and spontaneous creativity along with long hairs.

They were not the mainstream idols, but their influence reached stars. Little Richard in 1957 was leading the growth of hair. The British Invasion in England, a beatnik community was formed consisting of members with long hair came into limelight. They attracted the attention of neighbors by growing their hair to a length past the shoulder resulting in a television interview. This interview inspired some teenagers from Liverpool. The mop-top hairstyle was introduced by this group of teenagers by forming a group of people named “The Beatles”. They let their hair grew to form a counterculture, in 1966 shoulder-length hair finally became the trend among the youth.

From then it has been present in a culture not always with the same popularity but has found its existence as per the desire of any individual. The cutting of hair can portray separation from a closed one, their thoughts, and verse. It is a physical reminder of an important loss and a sign of deep sadness. Some culture relates the hair with respect. Growth of hair in life is a sign of unstoppable changes in nature.

List of famous men with long hair

1. Kit Harrington

The protagonist of GAME OF THRONES, a series aired on HBO channel. The kit was playing the role of JON SNOW, gained mass popularity through this series. He was looking amazing wearing long hairstyle.

2. Tom Cruise

The most handsome male celebrity worldwide was looking super hot and edgy in long hair.

3. Orlando bloom

An English actor who played the role of Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings film series. He gained a potential fan base through his acting and look.

4. Tom Hiddlestone

For a separate fan base of Marvel studio series named AVENGER, he is one of the most popular people portraying the character of Loki.

5. Sean bean

This actor is known for acting in television series of GAME OF THRONES, got aired on HBO channel. He was playing the role of NED STARK.

6. Johnny Depp

An American actor, producer, and musician well known for adventure film named PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL, he is a renowned artist known for his good look and acting, medium- length hair suites him very well.

7. David Beckham

He is an English former professional footballer, played for various famous clubs in the world such as MANCHESTER UNITED, REAL MADRID, L A GALAXY. He has known for his unique style and sports ability for playing FIFA WORLD CUP thrice consecutively. He looks utterly amazing in long hairs.

Many more males exist whose look create a sizzling feeling inside us. Generally, Hollywood and Bollywood actors experiment by trying a new look for every new film. We can take reference from actors, celebrities and famous people for knowing facts like it can suit us or not. The face cut also describes the hairstyle.

Enlisting all the handsome male with long hairs is not an easy task to do. Generally, looks attract people for a while but the activity speaks everything so smoothly. Several men look great wearing long hairs. It does not matter whether the hair is short or long, the action reveals the real identity.

One cannot judge somebody by his looks or haircut truly, it just creates a few minutes impact on anyone. The real handsome man will hold various other qualities such as etiquettes, discipline, and behavior decide the real hero. The physical appearance bewitches everyone but it is not a simple process as it seems. It is a function of various extents of features conveying distinct denotation.

We think that long hair doesn’t suit everyone; yeah it can attract people if kept well-groomed. It can amplify the attraction effect, it calls attention wisely. The masculine man wearing long hair can cause contrast in his personality which makes him stand out. The edgy and wild look of some people wearing medium-length hairs is common nowadays. Long or different length cannot work on everyone, so choose wisely if you are going to opt this hairstyle.