Blonde or Brunette? Who Is More Sexually Attractive?

Blonde or Brunette? Who Is More Sexually Attractive?

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Imagine the perfect woman. No, not someone who’ll always be there for you or someone who makes a mean meatloaf. We mean the perfect-looking woman, from head to toe. Got it? Good.

What’s her hair color? No, stop thinking about her toes, you weirdo! We’re talking hair. 

If we conducted a survey, odds are some would say raven, a few imagined redheads, and the rest thought of a brunette and blonde. The last two are what we’re interested in. There’s always been a clash between admirers of brunettes and blondes. Who’s right, if anyone? Answering that is on the agenda today.

The Misconception

No matter the color, each kind of hair comes with its own baggage.

What does that mean? Be it blonde, brunette, blue, or bald, there are stereotypes associated with every hair color. Of course, being stereotypes, these notions are crude generalizations that hardly paint an accurate picture of reality.

We use these preconceived notions to judge people before we even get to know them. It sucks, but it’s a fact of life right now.

So what about our two colors du jour?

The label for blondes is probably the most well-known one. It goes as far back as the busty bombshell image associated with Marylin Monroe, if not even further. You know the type: she’s affable, she’s confident, she’s the one who has the most fun in the room.

There’s a bad side to the blonde hair color coin, though. The color is associated with being ditzy, needy, and slutty, among other things.

In contrast, brunettes invoke a comparatively colorless image. By and large, they’re considered plain and normal, if not outright dull.  This could be down to the fact that it’s one of the most common hair colors (second after black).

If it’s of any comfort to you brunettes out there, this hair color also conveys a sense of intelligence and competence.

Why Men Find Blonde Chicks Sexy

We could go over the science of why blondes are more attractive in Caucasian populations. But that would involve a whole mess of science and history. You probably didn’t click on this article to read about the Ice Age and genetic bottlenecks.

Rather, we’d prefer to get into the modern perception of the blonde and her (sex) appeal. Even without taking into account the cultural connotations, anyone can see that blondes simply stand out. An ash blonde or strawberry blonde head of lush hair radiates with a kind of booming presence.

Naturally, that noticeability catches people’s eyes. Throw that in with the idea of “love at first sight,” and we might have a good explanation for why blondes get so much romantic attention.

But there’s more to it than eye-catching colors. There are cultural archetypes to take into account, after all. 

We already rifled through the traits commonly tied to all from platinum blond to light blond: easygoing, fun, etc. It isn’t much of a shocker to learn that a lot of people find these characteristics appealing.

For more information, read this Guardian article.

Hardly anyone hates a woman that exudes enthusiasm and confidence, especially if they’re romantically/sexually interested in her. That kind of personality is a recipe for a great time, be it painting the town red or getting down in the sheets.

While a lot of this is merely an illusion propped up by decades-old social constructs, the effect on our perception is very much real. After all, how many of you know a woman that decided to dye her hair any shade of blonde to reinvent herself? How many of them have done so to make themselves more confident or eye-catching?

Why Brunettes Are More Alluring to Men

Fine, but what of the brunette, a.k.a. the thinking man’s blonde?

The cultural symbols aren’t quite as cut-and-dry in this case. There’s no single representation anyone can point to and say, “That’s why people think what they think about me!” 

If there were one, though, the most likely culprit would be Jackie Kennedy back in the ‘70s. Writer, photograph, and First Lady, she was not only world-famous but also had the brains behind the beauty.

While this could be possible, it does sound like a stretch. She hardly occupies any presence in the public conscience, let alone an iconic one like Monroe does.

Rather, the perception seems to be a mishmash of countless people that congealed into a broad characterization. 

And for the most part, it’s a good characterization. Dark-haired brunettes are, by large, considered competent, intelligent, and sophisticated. When men look for a more cerebral experience with a woman, be it a philosophical discussion or a clash of quick wits, a brunette is stop number one for them.

The appeal of brown hair colors could run even deeper. It’s a very common one to have, so you’re more likely to meet a brunette, whether you’re a man or not. And being more likely to meet a brunette makes it more likely to come across one that leaves an indelible impression on you.

Once that happens, your brain remembers that hair color and applies the same feelings to anyone else with the same hue of hair. So, subconsciously, you associate a brand new person with someone you had intense feelings for.  

Just some food for thought.

What About Redheads?

All this talk of blondies vs. brunnies can lead us to forget there are any other colors to speak of. So let’s take a few paragraphs to admire the oft-forgot beauty of the redhead. They can be just as enthralling as the other two, and they’re unique in their own right.

Naturally, red hair is pretty rare, seeing that around 2% of the global population has. Right there, we have the standout factor that can prove advantageous. Only this time, it isn’t as flashy as that of the blonde, but a more intriguing, fire-under-the-ice kind of vibe.

The social connotations tied to redheads are plentiful. You’ve probably heard of at least a few: hot-tempered, eccentric, wild at heart, Irish (whatever that one means), fragile, the list goes on. Fiery passion and adventure are the first things to come to mind when admiring those bright copper locks.

The natural redhead is her own shade of amazing, to be sure.

The Verdict 100

So, we discussed both blondes and brunettes, and we even threw in the vibrant red hue of the redhead for good measure. We used some big words and talked about a few interesting ideas.

But did we actually get anywhere? What’s the verdict on the big feud?

As it turns out, there can’t really be a resolution. People simply have their own tastes, and there’s no persuading them their preference is in some way invalid. That’s because they’re all valid.

So the great hair war is doomed to wage on until we all evolve to be bald.

It’s a little anticlimactic, sure. But take it as a cue to admire the diversity of looks and tastes, rather than gloat about the alleged superiority of yours.