Can Masturbation Cause Hair Loss and Other Masturbation Myths

Can Masturbation Cause Hair Loss and Other Masturbation Myths

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Why Do Male Masturbation Myths Exist?

There are many myths involving masturbation. The best has got to be the pre-date masturbation. Namely, many say that if you “relax” yourself by having an orgasm before meeting with your date, you’ll look calmer and more relaxed and get more good boy points from your partner. What is more important, you will last longer during any potential sexual encounter.

I guess we are all just holes and vibrators, and there’s nothing else involved in the build-up of sexual tension, right? The truth is, masturbation myths, just like sex myths, exist because we suck at it. We don’t know the right moves, the right setup, or the appropriate aids we need to get ourselves off. And let’s face it, we’re doing it a bit too much lately, not knowing if there is such a thing as healthy masturbation.

It Can Cause Hair Loss

To become widespread, any myth has to have a little bit of truth in it. The logic behind this is simple. When you masturbate, you release protein from your body into the universe, reducing the amount of it going to your hair (it needs protein to grow for some reason). The answer to the question “Is this true?” is a simple no.

The main reasons for hair loss are really mean genes, or to be exact, the extra amount of male hormones your body produces. And, of course, everything else you do to your body: food, drinks, cigarettes, drugs, you name it.

Hair Growth on the Palms of Your Hands

This one is hilarious and goes so far back it can be included in old wives’ tales. It states that if you jerk off too often, hair might grow on the palms of your hands. So, let’s back up this one with purely scientific evidence. First and foremost, there are no hair follicles on the inside of your hands. I know this sounds strange because you have so many gorilla friends with hair there, but trust me, there is no possible hair growth there. Okay, maybe if evolution starts to go backwards you will need to worry, but until then, masturbate away, my friend!

It Cause Blindness

There is some truth to this myth, but just like the previous one, the real truth is a little bit distorted. As with many things in your life, sometimes we simply connect the dots in the wrong way. In reality, some infections and sexually transmitted diseases can result in damaged eyesight, but that has nothing to do with you jerking off.

So, can we skip this debate and focus on what really makes you blind if you masturbate too much? For example, the amount of porn you’re watching. The screen is your enemy and, and this one is important, too much masturbation can cause you to be blind for that special one who is right around the corner, but you failed to see it because you’ve seen too many ladies online. My advice is that fap is not your girlfriend. It can be your friend, but only sometimes.

It Damages Your Genitals

This one probably has the highest amount of truth behind it. Excessive masturbation can cause some damage, but it’s not an irreversible process. Sure, your crouch or genitals might hurt after one too many sessions with the little you, but exercising and weightlifting can do it too if you do them more than your body can withstand. The rule for this problem is the same as in everything in life — be moderate.

No one can do anything for too long. So, be gentle to your genitals, and they will reward you with that pleasant feeling you have during sex. After all, that’s what they are here for, besides prolonging the species, of course.

It Can Cause Impotence

Let me just say that, yes, it can. But not in the way you are thinking. Simply put, if you do it too often, it reduces your sexual desire and performance, just like too much alcohol or drugs. It does what it’s made to do, it’s you that is causing everything else. So the next time you think you have erectile dysfunction, just try to reduce or stop your masturbation for a day, believe me, all the problems you had will vanish, and you’ll feel like a good old animal in bed that you are. I know it’s strange, but it’s that simple. See Other Causes of Impotence.

Why You Should Masturbate Regularly

In literally any book, page, or video about healthy sexual growth and development, there is nothing that says masturbation is something unhealthy. It’s a normal part of being a human being, and everybody is doing it. It has many positive side effects, not that mention that it is a normal part of childhood and adulthood. See 5 Things  You Didn’t Know About Masturbation.

When we masturbate, our brain releases a cocktail of hormones and chemicals that help us survive the harsh reality of our times. The key, as we previously mentioned, is to be moderate. You know what they say — “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but twenty apples a day keep everyone else away.” Simply, don’t do anything that Jesus wouldn’t do, okay?