Do you need to dye your hair when it turns grey?

Grey hair has become a common sight now a day and there are a lot of reasons behind this. It could be the stress that our daily life is giving us or the pollution that we face daily. Whatever reason it may be, the main point is that one should take the proper care of their hair. The biggest question that arises here is that, if your hair starts graying, do you need to dye it or not? Well, the answer to this question depends on your age, the condition of your hair and the method that you have adopted for coloring it. Here, we have discussed all the important facts related to the premature graying of hair. Have a look at the section below and you will get the answer to a lot of your questions.

Reasons for grey hair

There are several reasons due to which your hair …

Are men with long hair more attractive?

The question above asked has a reference of good looking males of society. The recent lifestyle demands good looking people. Some males with long hairs look utterly amazing. The balance between looks and health is especially paramount in this fast-paced world.

Does hair play a significant connection with style? Or hair has something to do with tradition?

Today we will look upon appealing characteristics of long hair on both the gender especially concentrating on men with long hairs. Around the world, many cultures believe that hair has a special significance in life. People around the world have various distinct thought and belief system. According to an ancient belief, hair holds the power of connection.

Sometimes hair rolls out to add tons of good look with reception. It blends the strong fashion growth with personality improvement to look for fundamentals and game of thinking. The history of long hair personifies the …

What are the vitamins that your hair needs to keep it looking healthy?

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body if we talk specifically about the looks and appearance. Therefore, it needs proper care and attention. One should always keep their hair in such a manner that they should look healthy and for that proper diet is important. Here is a list of vitamins that are important for hair growth, but before that, let us discuss the causes that are responsible for hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

1.The first and the most important reason for hair fall could be the family’s history of baldness. In simple words, the hereditary conditions could be the reason for your hair loss. This usually increases as your age increases. The baldness in both men and women is different from each other. The baldness that a man faces is seen on the male pattern baldness, while the later one could be seen as …

What are the best hairstyles for men that never go out of style?

The social response system depends on perception about the personality cues you give through your body features, body language, outfit, and your hairstyle. Your hairstyle is your crown which you wear to show control, authority, and confidence. The style of your hair helps you position as you wish. However, your liberty of hairstyle selection depends on several factors mainly the hair type, quality and hair-care regime you follow.

It is a fact that we lose about 100 hairs a day naturally. But it is not a matter of concern because if you maintain an optimum supply of nutrients then fresh hair will grow naturally. To maintain the loss and growth balance you have to follow a good diet pattern so that you have enough vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in your body to support hair growth. The quality hair gives you the desired freedom and flexibility to experiment with your …

How to make perfect big curls for all occasions?

Say it God’s gift or evolutionary endowment, we humans have a natural crown of hair. You can use your hair to make a curly crown jewel of different types to fit the nature and character of the occasion. However, your freedom and flexibility to experiment with your hair will depend on the quality of your hair on your head. Your hair is a perfect reflection of your personal and health. Maintain a perfect dietary balance to fulfill the need of all types of nutrients and minerals required for healthy hair.

A healthy and well-nourished hair, composed of protein fiber, mainly alpha-keratin, grows around 1.25 cm in a month. Your hair is more complex than appears. It has three main layers namely; medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The hair follicle is the part where growth begins, which is the only living part of the hair. The quality and growth of your hair …

What Are the Best Hair Styles for Women That Never Go out of Style?

Having beautiful hair is a dream of every woman nourishes in them. They may cut it short, or grow it longer, but having strong and beautiful hair also show the good health of them. Now, hairstyles are one of the major parts of your appearance which can enhance your look. Any mistake to your hairstyle may ruin your look for a particular occasion. So, you can always follow the latest trends of hairstyles to keep you trendy. Now, every hairstyle is not suitable for all. It must be chosen on the basis of your face shape and complexion. You can follow the latest trend, but the one you pick for an experiment may not suit you. Actually, there are certain hairstyles which never get old and you can always try those on for any face shapes. You may have seen your favorite celebrities with those evergreen hairstyles. Here are some …

What is the role of your pubic hair during sexual intercourse?

Shot of an unidentifiable young woman trimming a small plant with manicure scissors in studio

There is a huge debate related to the pubic hair and whether one should keep it or not during their sexual intercourse. The first thing that should definitely pop into your mind is your preference. If you and your partner are comfortable with keeping the pubic hair during sexual intercourse, then you can definitely have it because it does have a lot of benefits. Apart from that, there are several benefits that pubic hair has and why one should not shave them.

Pubic hair does look gross to many people and which is why for hygienic purposes, they would prefer to remove the pubic hair, but according to studies not removing them is more hygienic. Once you remove your pubic hair completely and maintain them by using a proper cleanser in order to restrict the growth of different types of infection then you will save yourself from different types of …

How to avoid post-sex hair?

Sex is a pleasurable activity. It’s all fun and it cheers you up. It makes things good between two people. But there’s that one thing that girls definitely don’t like. And that is their post sex hair. Obviously, for the lady who just spent so much of her time getting ready for her guy don’t want her hair to get ruined just after they collide together in bed. It is definitely no problem if you’re planning a good shower afterwards or just gonna keep yourself there in the bed whole day after. But if you need to get somewhere after that, you’ll be messed up.

You definitely enjoy being there having that intense sex which definitely involves some hair pulling and hunching over the bed. All that sweat in your hair while sex will make it worse for them. you must be wondering of ways to keep you hair look …