Do you need to dye your hair when it turns grey?

Do you need to dye your hair when it turns grey?

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Grey hair has become a common sight now a day and there are a lot of reasons behind this. It could be the stress that our daily life is giving us or the pollution that we face daily. Whatever reason it may be, the main point is that one should take the proper care of their hair. The biggest question that arises here is that, if your hair starts graying, do you need to dye it or not? Well, the answer to this question depends on your age, the condition of your hair and the method that you have adopted for coloring it. Here, we have discussed all the important facts related to the premature graying of hair. Have a look at the section below and you will get the answer to a lot of your questions.

Reasons for grey hair

There are several reasons due to which your hair could turn grey. Here are a few of them.

  • The first and foremost reason for which the hair could turn grey is the deficiency of Vitamins or other nutrients in your diet. The Vitamins such as B-6, B-12, D, and E are very important for hair and if you lack any of them, you are probably going to face problems for your hair.
  • Some problems are there that we inherit from our parents or ancestors. Well, graying of hair could be one of them. It might be possible that even if you are eating everything that is good for your hair, your hair will turn grey and this is because any of your family members is suffering from the same.
  • There are certain medical conditions that could cause the graying of hair. It could be the disease or the medicines that are taken for its treatment. Diseases like thyroid have a strong possibility that the person who is suffering from it will face this problem. Along with that, alopecia areata is one such disease that causes hair loss. When the hair grows back, it grows in grey color. The reason behind this cause is the deficiency of melanin.
  • Stress is one of the biggest things that could cause the graying of hair. A lot of research has been done on this and it has been found that a person who is taking too much of stress might develop grey hair. According to one of the researches, it is proved that the cells that are responsible for the color of the hair might get destroyed if the human body is taking too much stress. However, this is just a small reason for the problem.
  • The one who smokes heavily is likely to have premature grey hair. It is seen that these people develop grey hair before the age of 30. Smoking could be seen as the biggest reason for the grey hair.
  • There are people who do not smoke, take no stress, eat healthily and do all other things that might not affect the color of hair, still, they face the problem. Well, there is one such thing that we all are consuming and that is the most common reason behind the graying of our hair. This is the use of chemical products for our hair. These products are responsible for the deficiency of melanin and ultimately for the hair decoloration.


Why dye your hair?

Now, let us come to the main topic and should discuss why one needs to dye his or her grey hairs. Here are some of the important reasons.

  • Graying of hair is wired only if you are not old, as it is a common sight and acceptable too in the old age group people. If you are not aged enough and your hair has started turning grey, then this is the biggest reason for dyeing it.
  • If your hair has started graying, then it is the sign of body malfunctioning and any type of malfunctioning of the body needs to be prevented. Thus, here we find the second reason for dyeing your hair. It could be either the natural or the artificial way.
  • The grey hair could make you feel stressed, as this is one of the things that hamper your beauty too. It is important to look presentable, so for this reason, also you should dye your hair.
  • The graying of hair is responsible for some other damages also. This will also lead to the weakening of hair and ultimately to hair loss. So, this clearly says that the volume of hair decreases due to the graying of hair. Thus, to increase this volume, you should dye your hair.

Ways to dye your hair naturally

Here, we will be talking about the ingredients that will lead to natural hair dye.

  1. The first method that you could use for dyeing your hair naturally is by applying the carrot juice. You could either use the carrot juice directly to your hair or could make a mixture by mixing a few of other ingredients in it. It could be added to any oil that is good for hair, like olive oil, almond oil, etc. After applying the mixture, you should wrap your hair in plastic and then should rinse it off with the help of apple cider vinegar. Use of this mixture on a daily basis will give you the best results.
  2. Henna is the second natural option that could be considered for dyeing your hair naturally. This is again one of the common methods that are followed by most of the people. Now, there are henna powders that contain a lot of preservative in them. These added chemicals will do no good to your hair but will damage it a lot. There is this henna that comes straight from the tree. One could use that.
  3. Lemon juice is again a great option for dyeing your hair, all by natural method. There are really simple steps that you need to take for getting the maximum benefit of lemon juice. You need to take the lemon juice and then need to spread it all on your hair. After that, you need to sit for an hour in the sun and then wash your hair. For the best results, you need to repeat it time and again.
  4. Coffee is again known for its coloring properties. Now, there are several ways in which one could use coffee to color their hair. One needs to mix coffee with hair conditioner and coffee grounds. Once all this is mixed properly, you need to apply it on the damp hair. When you feel that the mixture is all settled on your hair, then you could rinse your hair. Repeat this process at regular intervals for the best results.

Pros and cons of artificial hair dyeing

We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of artificial hair dying one by one. First, let us discuss its advantages.

Pros of artificial hair dye

  • When you get a hair color treatment, but not using natural ingredients, then it gives the results very quickly. Your hair looks very beautiful and color sticks to your hair for a long time, in comparison to the natural dye.
  • The hair gets thick and not just in the form of mass, but each and every hair strand thickens. This adds a great volume to your hair. If you have thin hair, then you could actually get two benefits in a single step. It will first add good color to your hair and then it will give your hair thickness of illusion.
  • The natural curl or frizziness of the hair goes away, once you have colored your hair. It is seen that people with natural curls generally have rough hair. Now, if the color used has keratin in it, then it will treat your hair in the best way.


Cons of artificial hair dye

There are more disadvantages than advantages of artificial hair dye. Let us have a quick look at it.

  • Initially, the roughness of your hair will go, but in the longer run, it will dry down. So, the artificial dye that you are using is not going to stick on your hair permanently, neither its good effects.
  • If you think that you will go for a permanent dye will be better than the temporary one, then you are wrong. The more permanent the hair dye is the more damage will be there to your hair.
  • Sometimes, the dyes could even lead to allergic reactions. In some cases, the discoloration of hair too has been noticed.
  • There are chances that the color that you want for your hair would not come in the way it should come and this could lead you to utter embarrassment.

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So, these were all the important facts related to graying of hair. The points that are mentioned here will help you in clearing all your doubts related to it.