First date hair dos and dont’s

First date hair dos and dont’s

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Preparing for a first date is something every lady does, but one of the major things that they can often overlook is what is on their head — their hair. Guys notice hair, and they judge it. So make your natural hair stand out to go above and beyond for your first date night! 

Get Your Hair Done If You Have Gray Hair

Age is something unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be visible in your hair. If you have grays, get your hair dyed so that you look fresh. Why not prepare for your date by popping into a salon and letting your hairdresser help you show off the best version of yourself? They can undoubtedly make your hair shine. You can also try to stand out by getting a haircut not many women sport, just to make your style pop out more. Plus, a blow-dry can do wonders and relax you.

Maintain Your Hair Color

While you are tackling those grays, make sure you maintain your hair color. You do want to be a knockout, but not a liar. So dyeing your hair a color that you do not like to attract attention may work at first glance, but a date lasts longer than that. You may begin to feel odd if your hair feels alien to you. So keeping to a color that you are used to can really highlight who you are. Plus, sticking to a particular color long-term will make the dyeing process much quicker and easier.

Moreover, men are different, and each has a different taste in hair. Some may like it straight, while others might not be fans of it. Essentially, you cannot please everyone, so the best advice would be to go with what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Therefore, pick a style and color that represents you. Your hair is vital, but it is more like icing on the cake than its chocolate core.

Trim Split Ends

Split ends are annoying, and guys notice them too. They can make your hair so frizzy that you end up looking like you got a bit overly friendly with a lightning bolt. Harsh, we know, but it is true. Men like things that are clean and shiny, so why not spend a few more minutes getting a trim and sticking to your natural hair texture? Plus, you are more likely to have a fantastic time on your date if there are no sneaky split ends to unpleasantly surprise you. It is easier to hide frizziness while online dating, but that aspect can stand out in real life.  

Don’t Overdo It

An essential aspect of any first date is the location. It can tell you a lot about how your hair should be styled since you might want to get ready for the night ahead. Therefore, find out where you are going, so that you know what to do with your hair. For example, a romantic restaurant is different from playing a game of golf. A flowing and loose hairstyle would be more appropriate for the former since you would be sitting.

However, golfing with loose hair could get in the way and make you look as if you were too high maintenance since you’ll be barely able to see the ball with your bangs in your eyes. A ponytail or a short haircut would work better for that occasion. Last but not least, your hairstyle and color should match your outfit — and you wouldn’t wear a silk dress to a golf course.   

Don’t Play With Your Hair Too Much Because You’re Nervous

You may get nervous on your date, which is natural. However, avoid playing with your hair like a schoolgirl who just finished watching a bad rom-com with terrible acting and even worse flirting techniques. A few slight flips here and there to show your face could be fine, but anything more would be overkill. Let your hair do the work as it is while you turn on your charm. Here are a few additional date tips for you:

  • Listen and don’t talk too much
  • Don’t cover your face
  • Tell a few jokes (bad ones can be funny too)
  • Avoid awkward topics (like your ex, unless you really want the date to end early)
  • Ask follow-up questions

Parting Words

Plan your outfit and your hair. Be confident, comfortable, and have fun. It is only a first date, not a marriage, so do not put too much pressure on yourself. Plus, check out social media for some hair ideas for women to get you inspired.  If you have a curly hair, then this article from Style Studio can help you maintain your beautiful curls!