How to avoid post-sex hair?

How to avoid post-sex hair?

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Sex is a pleasurable activity. It’s all fun and it cheers you up. It makes things good between two people. But there’s that one thing that girls definitely don’t like. And that is their post sex hair. Obviously, for the lady who just spent so much of her time getting ready for her guy don’t want her hair to get ruined just after they collide together in bed. It is definitely no problem if you’re planning a good shower afterwards or just gonna keep yourself there in the bed whole day after. But if you need to get somewhere after that, you’ll be messed up.

You definitely enjoy being there having that intense sex which definitely involves some hair pulling and hunching over the bed. All that sweat in your hair while sex will make it worse for them. you must be wondering of ways to keep you hair look fleek enough even after an intense, passionate sex. Here are some tips that you can adopt for a happy experience that keeps your hair intact as well.

Don’t worry, none of these tips will get you to avoid sex. Because pleasure is definitely important. These are just some tips to have your hair in place after a good time with your loved one.

First, it is good to be prepared for protecting your hair when you know it is gonna happen. Not every time you know that things will get this way, but when you do, here are some techniques to keep your hair intact.

  • Open hair? Bad idea!

Well, if you are planning your open hair glamorous look to seduce him tonight, reconsider. Open hair definitely makes you look sexy but the friction in the hair while sex could really damage it. Open hair gets affected to roots during a good sex. Also, it will be way more messed up when you are out of bed. What to do about it?

  • Ponytail

Ponytails are a great way to help your hair while sex. They protect them from getting in contact with the surface by roots directly. A ponytail is an attractive look for a guy as well. Also, do not try and make it perfect because it is going to get messed up after all. Ponytail gives you that all clear face which guys adore a lot. Also, when you are kissing your guy, and hair keeps getting you both irritated, ponytail comes to the rescue.

P.S.: it is a matter of fact that guys adore ponytails more because they get to see all of you. Also, pulling a ponytail than open hair could be more satisfying for them.

  • Time to change those pillows, ladies!

Yes, it has turned to be the most effective tip for the ladies who want to protect their hair while sex and want them to stay all pretty and intact. Cotton pillows or any other pillows make your hair worse because of the friction hair face during sex. The movement while sex could worsen the hair till roots and make them frizzy. Not just while sex, but even when you are just getting yourself a good nap, you wake up with your hair all frizzy and messed up. What you should shift to are satin pillows here. Satin is a very smooth fabric and hence is not harsh to your hair.

P.S.: cotton or any other fabric than satin pillows produce a static energy whiles the movement like in sex. Also, static pillows and bed sheets look prettier and could make the experience whole better.

  • Primer is just for the face?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you are highly mistaken. What primer generally does is keep your makeup in place. Just like that, hair primer helps keeping the hair in place that keeps your pretty hair as you want and does not mess them up. So next time, tell your hair dresser to add a bit of it before going over to your guy’s place.

P.S. : do not add too much of it if you are doing it yourself at home. Applying a lot of it can make the hair dry. Also, it is preferred to go for a good brand.

  • Get your purse ready!

if you are one of those ladies who has the commitment problem and loves having flings and hook-ups, this one is for you. Any usual bar visit can turn into a passionate hook-up, so it is advised to be ready for it. If you have all the essentials in your bag, you are all set to go otherwise coming out of a public washroom or an elevator could be very evident that you have had some action just now.

P.S. : essentials of a bag generally mean a small hairbrush and a rubber band.  Also, do not forget to call your best friend before getting yourself in action with some stranger.

Second, there are some tricks you can pull off while having sex as well. But these tips are not necessary to follow for everyone.

  • Get in charge!

If you are one of those pretty ones who love to get dominated in bed, you are more likely to get your hair messed up. Here is the thing, when you are below the guy, your hair is in direct contact with the surface and it makes them get damaged a lot faster. But when you are on top of him your hair will be the way they are supposed to be and you will not have them messed up.

P.S.: as mentioned earlier, this is not a tip very needed to follow in case you like being dominated. But if you have somewhere really important to be after the session, you might want to get on top to save your hair.

  • Make him busy!

Get kinky! What you can do is get him busy enough that he does not think about getting into your hair. Get his hands to yourself so that he does not want to run his fingers into your hair. The guys when do it get the hair out of place.

P.S.: do not do this too much or do not do it at all. Some guys want to be in charge and gets frustrated when girls restrict them. If yours is one of them, it is a big no. Do it in a way that he does not feel like you are stopping him. Do not get this in his mind to keep the relationship healthy.

Third, what if you have already done it and now do not want your hair to look like the way they do? Here are some tips for post-sex hair rescues:

  • Get those hair braided

Well, what is sexier than a maintained, pretty braid to go with? If you have got yourself out of the bed and need to be at some party now, do not worry because you can just braid you hair up into the different styles such as French braid or a fish braid. Also, braids could also be done just before sex and you can then open them up after the action is over. You will have super sexy wavy hairstyle and braids will also protect your hair to be damaged while sex.

P.S.: braid could turn out to be a bad idea for the ladies with short hair or thin hair. So, if you are with long, volumised hair, only then go for it.

  • A good shower

Unless, you are the one that love making out in public places, this is the best option available for you. What better than having a shower together just after sex and getting all kinky cleaning each other. You can just have some time alone for a quick hair wash and dry them out if you want to be somewhere soon. Shower protects you from all that damage sex has done to your hair.  It washes off the dirt and everything and sets the hair in place again.

P.S.: running late and preferring shower will be stupid. Quick and incomplete wash can also affect your hair in multiple ways.

These are some tips and tactics that can help you get the bed shattering experience along with no worries of getting your hair damaged or messed up. This is just a guide to what you can do before, while and after the sex. Just remember whatever you do, keep your partner’s happiness and satisfaction in your mind as well( especially following while the sex tips). If your partner feels at any point that you care about your hair more, he will be disinterested that would not be good for you eventually.

Also, very importantly every guy loves the natural you. If you adore the way you are, your guy will respect and love you more than anything. A girl who is natural (and without makeup) are the ones that gets the most number of guys attracted towards them.