Finding Your Natural Hair Curl Pattern

Finding Your Natural Hair Curl Pattern

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Different types of hair flow in different ways. Instead of changing your hairdo to suit the current trend, why not let it fall naturally?

Curly girls are a sight to behold, and people can easily be envious of your locks. Finding your natural curl pattern does not need to be a difficult task. You can have fun exploring what your hair can do as well as grab a couple of eyes in the process. 

Plus, once you know how your hair flows, you can learn how to format it into different styles. But natural is always the way to go!  

Occasions Where You Can Wear Your Curly Hair

Curly hair works on many occasions. Some of them can be formal, and others can be a good old night out in the town. If you know what the occasion is, you can style your hair texture accordingly. Do not be afraid to experiment and try something new. If you don’t like it, you can go back to your go-to style in no time. 

The occasions where curly hair can work wonders are: 

  •  At a party (a curled, side ponytail will do for those with beautiful long hair)
  • School occasions such as the prom (in particular the high bun to give you a classy look)
  • On a date (soft or natural curls give you a relaxed vibe while still looking good)
  • In the office (any style that gets your hair out of your face while still being at least semi-formal will do)
  • Giving a presentation or a speech
  • If you are lucky enough to walk the red carpet
  • When you are promoting or selling something

See this article from Huff Post to know why hair hair is so important to women.

There is a curl pattern for women that they can use on every occasion. The list is endless — it is all about confidence, and letting your hair make you feel happy.

There are several styling creams to keep your hair in place throughout the day. That makes it more fun since you would not need to run to the bathroom to do touch-ups. Plus, there are many hair products to help keep your curls healthy and everlasting. 

Some Men Prefer Curly Hair

Many say that men notice women’s hair first. Some prefer straight hair, while others prefer it curvy. But none like dry hair.

The reason why some men like wavy hair is because you can do many things with it. You can do different styles, go straight, or wavy, or tight, or loose. Another reason is that what they see in a curly-haired woman is what they get — you may add a different style, but your character still comes through, especially when you are relaxed. 

Plus, some men like to play with hair. Not only can your natural hair be played with, but it can be pulled on too (wink-wink). It is yours; it is not a wig, or extensions, etc. If you are into rougher stuff in bed, having natural hair is hassle-free.    

You can also go out to the beach or the pool without fear of getting your hair wet. That is a common issue among some women who straighten their hair. They do not want to lose the work put into it. The quickest way to lose a do is to get it wet. But since we are talking about your naturally curly hair, this is a non-issue. Therefore, grab your wide-tooth comb and prepare to get some male (or female) attention.  

See this WebMD article and know how you can protect your hair dry.

Loose Curl

There are different types of natural hair that every woman is born with. They even have classifications such as type 2A, type 4A, type 4C hair.

Basically, numbers 1 to 4 signify the shape of the hair: 1 is straight, 2 is wavy, 3 is curly, and 4 is coiled. A to C refers to how wide the pattern is. A is the widest, with C being the smallest. Therefore type 2A is a woman with wide, wavy hair while a type 3C lady has small curls. 

Knowing your hair type is useful since you can learn how to manage it and keep it healthy. Plus, you can learn how to change your hairdo more efficiently. To find out your hair type, all you have to do is to make it wet and carefully observe the pattern.

You may want to give the classic, loose style a try. Tie your hair in a ponytail and then, with a curling wand, go from the crown to the tip in sections of about two inches (5 cm.) 

Classic Curl

If you are looking for a hairstyle with more waves and curls, a classic curl is your go-to. This time-proven do is more bouncy and has a lot more sass to it. 

However, due to the extra curls, you will need to do a lot of moisturizing. That is, you will have to make sure it will not become fuzzy, as well as stop it from becoming dry. Therefore, you should make sure that you add conditioner when showering. While you apply the it, you should pay particular attention to the section that reaches from the middle of the hair to the tips. When you are done in the shower, you can then proceed with the leave-in conditioner.  

You can add hair products designed to hold the curls in place. This type of product can also add definition. The latter is what you want since you want your curls to show their shape. However, while the hair care products are doing their job, do not mess with your hair. It takes time for the curls to get set, so to speak. Once the hair is dry and ready, you can add the finishing touches. And, of course, feel how springy your curls are! 

Tight Curl

The tight curl hairdo is a style that can take a lot of effort if your hair does not naturally fall in this way. However, it is still a cute look that is easy to handle. You can get the look by following these steps: 

  • Turn your head upside down and blow-dry your hair. Aim for the roots, and flip your hair over when you are finished. That will help you gain some volume. 
  • Separate your hair into horizontal sections. That will make it easier to keep track of what the sections you have worked on. 
  • Make sure that your curling wand is as small as it can be. About a quarter of an inch (0.6 cm) should do the trick. 
  • Start from the back of your head to the top of it.
  • Take a small, vertical section of your hair (about half an inch/1.30 cm) and wrap it around a curling wand. It is best to keep the sections small.
  • If you have bangs, remember to use the curling ward away from your face. That is so that you do not burn your skin. 

This look may be a bit more time consuming for type 1 and 2 hair, but you will be a knockout once it is all done.  

Kinky Curl

The final style we will talk about in this article is the kinky curl. This is one that can be very hard to do, so we will change lanes. Instead of telling you how to do it, we will show you how you can maintain it if your hair naturally follows this pattern.

This style has a lot of curls to it, and it can be seen as being tightly coiled. However, as we have mentioned, the more curls, the more moisture you will need. That definitely applies to the kinky curl since it twists, turns, and zig-zags a lot, which can dry out the hair. Therefore, to maintain this style (and keep your hair healthy), you should do a lot of moisturizing and apply healthy oils. 

It is essential to find products that can keep the moisture in your hair since the nature of the kinky curl is such that the natural oil from your scalp will not make it all the way to your tips.

Final Curling 

Beautiful hair can bring you confidence as well as style. Curly hair is something that is ‘in’ again, and if you have it, show it. You can let it fall as it naturally does, or you can style it in some cool ways. 

Hairdos are about experimenting and having fun. So let your hair flow or add more to what you already have.