How to make perfect big curls for all occasions?

How to make perfect big curls for all occasions?

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Say it God’s gift or evolutionary endowment, we humans have a natural crown of hair. You can use your hair to make a curly crown jewel of different types to fit the nature and character of the occasion. However, your freedom and flexibility to experiment with your hair will depend on the quality of your hair on your head. Your hair is a perfect reflection of your personal and health. Maintain a perfect dietary balance to fulfill the need of all types of nutrients and minerals required for healthy hair.

A healthy and well-nourished hair, composed of protein fiber, mainly alpha-keratin, grows around 1.25 cm in a month. Your hair is more complex than appears. It has three main layers namely; medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The hair follicle is the part where growth begins, which is the only living part of the hair. The quality and growth of your hair depend not just on age, health, genetics but dietary nutrient supply. A good well-balanced diet gives the optimum supply of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids required for your healthy hair.

It is globally accepted across all cultures that your hair not only plays a vital role in the appearance but it gives your desired confidence. Before we go into details of curls, lets us know what celebrities do to keep their hair healthy.

Celebrity Hair Care Tips

Celebrity life is all about exhibiting skills in the most attractive manner and hair plays a very important role in that attraction and beauty. They follow and maintain the best hair care regime to make sure that hair remains healthy to experiment with different hairstyles from time to time. You can also do that by simply doing what they do.

  • You have to focus on your diet for healthy hair and scalp. Your diet should be very balanced from nutrient, mineral and calorie supply point.
  • Consume green leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, eggs, fish, and chicken so that you could get the optimum balance of protein, vitamin A, B, C, D & E along with zinc and other fatty acids.
  • Massaging scalp increases the blood flow resulting in better hair quality. Use virgin oils with no fragrance for messaging.
  • Avoid chemicals on your hair. Cut the use of shampoo, as much as you can. Use mild shampoo and conditioner to make it shiny and smooth.
  • Avoid using hair color, as ammonia base dyes may harm your scalp and hair. Try natural colors.
  • If needed, use hair supplements only on the recommendation of your dermatologist as any imbalance could have a catastrophic effect on your hair.
  • Try to maintain optimum moisture level by using hair packs. Use natural ingredients for better results.
  • It is better to avoid weather extremes, as this affects the moisture content of your scalp resulting in brittle hair.

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How to Make Big Curls

Follow these simple steps to get the desired curls.

Step 1

Once you have finalized your hairstyle, clear your hair first. Although, it is not good to wash hair on a daily basis before any specific styling it is better to start with proper hair wash with a mild shampoo.

If you have enough time, it is better to partially air-dry your hair. It gives you the extra texture resulting in holding a longer curl. The little moist hair allows you to apply blowouts throughout your hair.

Step 2

Next is to separate hair by creating a bun on top by using hair clips. At this stage, apply another round of your favorite blowout to the bottom portion and brush your hair.

Step 3

Take a 2-inch section of hair and start by spraying hairspray over the 2-inch section before curing. Choose your hairspray as you wish, all are more or less same. But if your hairs are longer, it is good to opt for better iron tools for voluminous curls. Take special care of your hair tips as these are most delicate.

It is advisable to wait till your curls cool off so that it will last longer. Once done, you can brush using gentle comb of your choice. Most experts will recommend not to brush until the purpose is over.

Step 4

It is time to take out the hair from the top bun and brush out any tangles. It is better to start with top part first and spraying it with lifting agent.

Step 5

The best way to move forward is to separate hair in two parts and curl away from the face. You have to pay special attention to facial curls.

Step 6

Once you are done with curling, use a pump of any nourishing oil to give your hair a soft and shiny look. This smells so amazing and I love how it makes my hair soft and shiny.

Step 7

In the end, apply some mist hairspray over your hair. This helps in holding curls for a longer duration of time with excellent shine.

Top Ways to Curl Your Hair without Heat

If you are averse to the idea of using heat on your head, you can use these seven simple tricks to get those perfect hot curls. Imagine any curl, whether it is tight curls, gentle and soft curls, wavy hair; you can get these curls by simply following these tips. Here is a list of steps you could use for curling your hair without using any heat source, which could eventually damage your hair in the long run.

New Curls with Old t-shirts

Just like normal day wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Cut any old t-shirt in long strips from the neck to the hem in thinner strips. Then take a small section of your hair, and roll the strip and the hair upwards till your scalp. Otherwise, roll inwards to get inward look. Then tie the end of the cloth strip so that it could hold the hair in the right place. Just repeat the process for all our hair. Wait for your hair to totally dry before you start removing those strips.

Curls with Headband

Wash your hair and dry it using your regular towel. Use your headband around your head and then take a part of your hair and wrap around the hair-band and repeat it until all the hair is within the band. Secure all loose ends with pins and let your hair dry completely. Now, remove the headband and pins gently and unleash your curls.

Curls via Braiding

To get the desired curls, wash your hair and remove extra moisture using a towel. Divide your hair into two parts and ties two ponytails. Now, braid the two ponytails and fasten the end of ponytails using rubber bands. For tight curls make more beads, otherwise, make just one. Let your hair dry completely and loosen braids to shake curls free.

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Waves are Easy

Add little moisture to your hair, and make two partings. To get the desired curls to twist each part tightly and make a bun on two sides of your head. Just let your hair dry overnight and then open buns gently to get waves.

Roll it On

Wash your head and dry it using a towel. A separate section of hair and roll it using roller and tighten it as per the instruction is given. If you want big curls use big rollers. You have to repeat the step with all possible hair sections. You have to wait for 4-5 hours to get desired curls and then remove roller one by one gently.

If you are a little worried about the applicability of above tricks on your short hair, just relax and give it a try. You will love the effort and outcome. Just follow the steps and wait for the prescribed time. The curls and waves you will get will not just attract eyeball but give you the confidence to experiment more.

The hairstyling tips for curls shared here are time-tested and followed by thousands. It is time to let your attitude do the talking and it all begins with the wave your hair creates in party space.

You get the best curls only when your hair is healthy and well enough to endure the twists and heats. It is good to follow the well-balanced diet to maintain the flow the nutrients so that your hair remains healthy. It is good to use heat protectant spray when you are trying to curl as heat might disturb the inner structure of your hair resulting in the weakness of hair and hoar loss.

You have your crown of curls on your head. You won the heart and you have all the applause at your end. It is time to spare some time to protect the crown so that you could re-design your crown again when the next big occasion come. How to protect your lovely hair? It all depends on your diet and lifestyle. A little compromise and carelessness in hoar-care will push you in the zone of extreme hair care protection. So, don’t let that stage some. Maintain your diet and let your hair shine.