How to Style Your Hair for a Job Interview

How to Style Your Hair for a Job Interview

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As you know, first impressions can mean everything, especially when applying for a job. However, what you may have overlooked or thought about last minute is your job interview hairstyle. So let’s see what you can do about it.

Why Do You Need to Worry About This?

Appearances can tell employers a lot about who the candidates are or who they want to be. They take note of it. It can tell them how serious you are about getting the job. If you put thought and effort into the way you dress, how your hair looks, and how you behave, then would you not do the same for the job you want? Likewise, if you arrive at the interview looking as if you just woke up, how serious are you about getting the job?

That is why a certain dress code is important. However, all this can mean nothing if your hair is a mess, unkempt, or dirty. That is why it is important to wash it before the interview and make sure it looks neat. Plus, it can also boost your confidence, even helping you “get into the role” of being an employee at your dream job. As long as you present yourself professionally, both in appearance and behavior, it will help you out a lot.

Styling Your Hair for the Big Day

So if you’re wondering what’s the best hairstyle for an interview, here are some ideas you should try before the day to see how you look and more importantly, how you feel.

Opt for Straight and Sleek Styles

Different hair types can require different ways of styling. If your hair is long, you may choose to make it straight and sleek. You can use a straight iron or give it a good blow dry. A solid piece of advice would be to keep a hairbrush on your person and brush it through before the interview. Long hair can be difficult to handle, so this last point should help tame it. 

Wear Loose Waves or Natural Curls

If you have long or shoulder-length hair, you may wear it down. However, to give your curly hair an extra boost of waves, you can braid it the night before. Plus, using a smoothing serum can give it a sleek look while keeping it in check.

Try a Classy Bun, Ponytail, or Long Braid

While wearing your hair down can look professional, it can get in your face, which can be annoying. Therefore, you may want to try a high bun, a sleek ponytail, or a neat braid to keep your face clear of hair.

Choose an Asymmetrical Style for Short Hair

While the above-mentioned ideas have mostly been professional hairstyles for long hair for interviews, we do have some that would work well with short hair, such as the asymmetrical style. You can have a large portion of your hair flipped to one side. You could also have it trimmed down.

Consider a Straight or Curly Bob

If you have the chance to step into your hair salon before the big day, we suggest a bob cut. This can work well with straight or curly hair since it will frame your face nicely.

Style a Clean and Crisp Pixie Cut

If you are looking for a more modern take on the bob, you could go for the pixie cut instead. It is shorter, but it could give you a professional and youthful look if it is neat.

Try a Side Part in Your Hair

A side part can also give you a youthful yet professional look. It can work with any length of hair. However, if your hair is long, you may use a few bobby pins just to keep it from getting in your face.

Side Buns and Side Ponytails

A side bun or side ponytail can also do wonders for your interview look, especially if it is low. You want to look youthful but not like a child. Therefore, if you opt to do a side bun or ponytail, make sure to secure the hair either below or on the nape of your neck (where your hairline begins at the back).

Apply a Styling Product to Keep Your Hair in Place

When you figure out which style suits you and makes you feel comfortable, you should apply some styling products, like hairspray or gel, just to keep it in place, sleek, and neat. However, make sure not to go overboard.

Additional Tips for Styling Your Hair

The most important thing is to find something that suits you and makes you feel comfortable. You should not go for a dramatic change because you never know how it will turn out. Online tutorials, as well as advice and help from friends or family, can help you decide what to do with your hair and if it complements your outfit. There should be a connection between the two.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure to wash and brush your hair before your show up for your interview.

Final Word

The preparation for a job interview takes time. It is not only about what you will say but also about how to look. However, it would be a good idea to have a do that reflects who you are, is clean and neat, and makes you feel comfortable. It can truly help with your confidence.