Maintaining the fluffiness of your animal tails

Maintaining the fluffiness of your animal tails

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Animal tails are extremely cute. Just look at how fluffy you are. They can make you feel both cute and sexy, which is a perfect combination. 

So what are these tail plugs exactly? Think of Halloween costume tails, except these are a part of you in a different kind of play — BDSM pet play. However, they can be used for regular fantasy, anal play too. 

Whether you want to get in full costume or just add a tail, is your choice. Go for whatever you like more. Or whatever your partner prefers. 

There are different tail sizes, complementing the animal they resemble. However, since it’s essentially a butt plug, there are different sizes of the part that goes into your butt too. If you’re new to anal play, go for something smaller. It might take some time and practice to get used to the feeling of wearing a plug, especially having a tail attached to it. 

If you have enough experience, the sky is your limit. Now you can really be an animal in bed.

Animal Tail Plugs Are Maintained Differently

If you know what a tail butt plug looks like, this will come as no surprise. 

A tail plug is essentially a butt plug with a tail. We bet you didn’t see that coming. These toys come in various materials, and all of them are maintained and cleaned differently. In this case, you will have to maintain the plug itself and the tail. 

Needless to say, the tail part isn’t going up your anus. However, nasty things can still get on it: sweat, lube from the plug, or even poop. Hey, we all know what butts are for, okay? It shouldn’t come as a surprise if something like that happens. 

So when it comes to animal tail plugs, you have double the cleaning to do. Cuteness comes at a price.

How to Pick and Maintain Different Types of Tails

Pet play is still a taboo. It’s unfortunately too kinky for most to understand or partake in. But it’s simple: maybe the fantasy of having a tail turns you or your partner on, or maybe you just watch a lot of anime or hentai, and you want to try something new. Whatever it may be, there are a lot of options for you to choose from.

Think of just about any animal, and there’s a cute butt plug attachment that looks like its tail. Of course, we can be specific and give you the names of each of the types. Animal tail options include cat, fox, wolf, bunny, raccoon, pony, dog, pig, and other models. If any of those is your spirit animal, it’s the time to commune with them. 

Picking them seems easy enough. If any of these animals speak to you, or you simply find cute, that’s it. Butt plugs that go with them, as well as the materials they are made of, can be different, of course.

What’s important is that the butt plug has a flared end. That way, the tail is more secure. You don’t want your tail to start to shed randomly. How do you maintain it, though? 

Tails can be, and usually are, synthetic. Some are natural in the sense that they involve natural hair and fur. If you’re vegan, maybe this isn’t the best option for you. But manufacturers say that they go for real hair because it’s biodegradable — synthetic materials aren’t. 

In case your tail is silicone, you can wash it the same way as you would a silicone plug. Hair and fur options need more care. Your care routine will depend on the material of your tail. Also, whether you want to keep it in top shape or not. 

How to Clean Them

Firstly, pick off any weird bits you might find and clean them manually. Afterward, wipe the tail down with a damp paper towel or cloth. Then, wipe it down again, this time with a dry paper towel or cloth. Air-dry it in sunlight later if you can. If your tail is really dirty, you can soak it in water. Wash gently with mild soap, then squeeze out all the water and dry it on a towel once you’re finished. Please don’t hang your tail to dry it as that can damage it.

If you’re opting for fur or natural hair, it’s best to follow the care instructions. Manufacturers should provide them as improper care can lead to faster deterioration of the tail. Fox fur is the most delicate, and fox tails are the fluffiest, so don’t soak them in water. Bunny tails, however, can be gently washed with a mild soap, and ponytails are the most durable so they can be soaked. Still, you should handle them with care. 

All of that sounds like it’s a lot of complicated work, but it’s like washing a shirt using your hands. Mind the materials and what they require to be spotless. See, it’s not as bad as it might seem.  You don’t want these fluffy animal tails from love plugs to lose its beauty, so you and your partner can continue having fun!

How to Store Them

Another important thing to mention is how you will store your tail plug. We know you keep all of your toys safely tucked away, and these toys need to be kept away from dust too. Or any kind of debris that might be floating around. That way, you’ll ensure that you don’t have to clean the tail part both before and after use. Cleaning it is important, but doing it too often can cause damage too, and we want your tail to last. 

Whatever your preference is, there’s a tail for you. They’re easy to pick and easy to clean. Try washing your shirt using your hands and see for yourself. If you find it too complicated, then maybe skip having a tail plug. Being cute is fun but not at the expense of cleanliness and health, so keep your toys clean.


Tail butt plugs are there to fulfill all of your animal fantasies. There’s no shame in having them!

You can combine them with a lot of other sex toys the same way you’d combine a plug. The only exception is there’s a fluffy addition you need to maneuver around. This is the type of plug you might not be able to wear around in public. If you don’t mind the looks, then go for it. 

Always aim for high-quality materials when buying a tail plug. You want it to last as long as possible. Tails, especially synthetic ones, can start shedding easily. Proper care can stop that for a while, but it’s inevitable. 

Don’t let people stop you from trying out pet play. Besides, nobody needs to know what happens behind closed doors. If you have any concerns or questions, the internet is your friend, and manufacturers should be too. These types of toys are special, so they should invest a lot of their time into customer service.