Maintaining the fluffiness of your animal tails

Maintaining the fluffiness of your animal tails

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Animal tail butt plugs are simply oh-so-cute and super sexy. Rich layers of fur dangling from the plug base look plush like no other. Be it a cute shrubby bunny tail or thick fluffy fox fur tail- animal tails butt plugs have a charm of their own. Are you too fond of animal tail butt plugs? Well, who isn’t? In fact, the very sight of them can make your partner horny. However, over time, the animal tails tend to wear out and get thinner, losing out on their regal charm. But, don’t worry, if you take proper care of these animal tails, they would continue to wow you with their imperial fluffiness for many moons to come.

A lot of people have this misconception that caring for animal tail butt plugs would need a considerable investment of time, effort and money. Now, this isn’t exactly true. All you would need to follow here is a set of simple care and maintenance habits and the tail would look as good as anew. The post below offers a brief on the crucial care and maintenance tips for animal tail butt plugs.

Regular cleaning and washing

You need to clean your toy before and after your each tail play session. It sounds too much of work especially when it comes to cleaning it after play- but this step is very crucial. You don’t need to take any extensive step to clean the toy. Just make a mix of mild detergent and clean water. Damp a clean cloth with it and then use the wet cloth to wipe the plug and the tail.

According to experts, you must also give the toy a thorough clean after you receive it at your doorstep. Brand new toys tend to bear a certain kind of smell as a residue of manufacturing process. A basic cleanup will help you to get rid of the smell both from the tail and the plug. You can make a mix of water and baking soda to create a fantastic cleaning solution here. Otherwise, you can simply use an adult toy cleaner to clean the tail and the plug.

Don’t submerge

This is an extremely important tip to remember while cleaning animal tails.

You must not submerge the tail part in water ever, especially if the tail is made from real fur. Water adds weight to the tail that makes it prone to breakage. You certainly don’t want to lose out on the fluffiness of the tail and end up with limp thinning stuff.

Some plug materials like metal can withstand high temperature and hence can be boiled to sterilize the toy. If you have got a metal or stainless steel plug, you can definitely put it in boiling water- but just the plug and not the tail. Some of the tails are detachable from the plug. If your toy allows that and if the plug metal can withstand extreme temperature, you can definitely put the plug in boiled water- after detaching the tail from it. But if the tail isn’t detachable and plug metal is tolerant of extreme heat, you wouldn’t put the thing in boiling water.

Go for spot clean

You must be wondering that when you can’t put the tail in water how you would actually clean it. Well, in that case, spot cleaning is the answer. If parts of tail get dirty or stained by dripping lube or bodily releases, go for spot cleaning. Make a mild soapy water mix, damp a clean cloth with it and then, clean the dirty parts with it. For general cleaning, you will simply have to wipe the tail with a damp cloth dipped it soapy water.

Be careful about the lube

It’s very basic that you would have to apply lots of lube both on the plug and your anal passage while inserting the toy. Now, it’s natural that if you use lube, some of it will get stuck to the animal tail. And if it gets stuck, you can’t just keep it like that. You would have to clean it thoroughly. As mentioned previously, you cannot submerge animal tail in water. So, go for a lube that you can actually clean up easily. Water-based lubes would be a good option here.

Rinse well

Thorough rinsing is as important as cleaning the animal before and after your play sessions. There should not be any soapy residue left in the tail after your wash it. Rinsing will help to wipe out all the soapy particles from the tail. Again, during rinsing, make sure not to soak the tail in water. You may soak the plug part though if your toy doesn’t have a vibrator inside.

Dry it up

After you rinse the toy, make sure to dry it up properly. Do not use your animal tail butt plug or store it if it has not dried up properly. The best way to dry up the tail is to lay it flat under your ceiling fan. Do not put it under the sun as bright rays could be damaging for the texture of the tail. Do not use your hairdryer as well. The bottomline is, if you want to keep the tail healthy, you have to keep it away from heat as much as possible. High heat is damaging for animal tail.

Then, you must not hang the tail while drying, especially if it real fur. You might hang tails made from synthetic fur though. But, even if you do that, don’t hang the tail by its tip. You should rather hang the tail from its base. However, the safest option is simple air-dry always.

Light brushing

After the tail dries up, you should give it a light brush. Brushing will entangle the fur or strands of fur and leave the tail with a fluffy bouncy look.

Be mindful about storage

You would have to store the toy in a dry cool place. Don’t keep it bare inside the closet. Rather get a clean pouch for best possible storage. You don’t want these fluffy animal tails from love plugs to lose its beauty, so you and your partner can continue having fun!