Do You Need to Dye Your Gray Hair?

This question is the one a lot of people ask when they notice their first grays. There are a lot of pros and cons to turning your naturally gray hair to a different color like dark brown. Some people just shave it off to save time and money, while others choose to embrace the grays by dyeing their full head as close to their natural color as they can. But the question remains — do you need to dye your gray hair? 

What Causes Gray Hair

There are many reasons that your hair can turn gray. But the most common ones could be genetics or aging. Stress is not a factor in your hair turning gray. Many Caucasian people might start seeing grays by the time they are 30. Alternatively, Africans may start turning gray in their mid-40s, while Asians in their late 30s. It is stated that the chances

Hair Care Tips for Men

Yes, men. You, too, need hair care tips that will make you both look and feel good. 

Going out of your routine can feel like stepping out of your comfort zone. Everything is new and scary, and you don’t know what will work and what won’t. This hair care guide is nothing like that as it’s super easy to follow and incorporate into your existing routine. 

We won’t be talking about specific products that will make your hair healthy in a day — too many wrong products, you will learn, can be bad for you. The path to healthy hair doesn’t need to be long, but you need to stay on it for the best results. 

These are easy tips anyone can follow, as no tools or products are required — only a little willingness to change. That might seem like a drag at first, but we assure you that

What are the vitamins that your hair needs to keep it looking healthy?

Hair is one of the most important parts of our body if we talk specifically about the looks and appearance. Therefore, it needs proper care and attention. One should always keep their hair in such a manner that they should look healthy and for that proper diet is important. Here is a list of vitamins that are important for hair growth, but before that, let us discuss the causes that are responsible for hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

1.The first and the most important reason for hair fall could be the family’s history of baldness. In simple words, the hereditary conditions could be the reason for your hair loss. This usually increases as your age increases. The baldness in both men and women is different from each other. The baldness that a man faces is seen on the male pattern baldness, while the later one could be seen as …

What are the best hairstyles for men that never go out of style?

The social response system depends on perception about the personality cues you give through your body features, body language, outfit, and your hairstyle. Your hairstyle is your crown which you wear to show control, authority, and confidence. The style of your hair helps you position as you wish. However, your liberty of hairstyle selection depends on several factors mainly the hair type, quality and hair-care regime you follow.

It is a fact that we lose about 100 hairs a day naturally. But it is not a matter of concern because if you maintain an optimum supply of nutrients then fresh hair will grow naturally. To maintain the loss and growth balance you have to follow a good diet pattern so that you have enough vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in your body to support hair growth. The quality hair gives you the desired freedom and flexibility to experiment with your …

Finding Your Natural Hair Curl Pattern

Different types of hair flow in different ways. Instead of changing your hairdo to suit the current trend, why not let it fall naturally?

Curly girls are a sight to behold, and people can easily be envious of your locks. Finding your natural curl pattern does not need to be a difficult task. You can have fun exploring what your hair can do as well as grab a couple of eyes in the process. 

Plus, once you know how your hair flows, you can learn how to format it into different styles. But natural is always the way to go!  

Occasions Where You Can Wear Your Curly Hair

Curly hair works on many occasions. Some of them can be formal, and others can be a good old night out in the town. If you know what the occasion is, you can style your hair texture accordingly. Do not be afraid

What Are the Best Hair Styles for Women That Never Go out of Style?

Having beautiful hair is a dream of every woman nourishes in them. They may cut it short, or grow it longer, but having strong and beautiful hair also show the good health of them. Now, hairstyles are one of the major parts of your appearance which can enhance your look. Any mistake to your hairstyle may ruin your look for a particular occasion. So, you can always follow the latest trends of hairstyles to keep you trendy. Now, every hairstyle is not suitable for all. It must be chosen on the basis of your face shape and complexion. You can follow the latest trend, but the one you pick for an experiment may not suit you. Actually, there are certain hairstyles which never get old and you can always try those on for any face shapes. You may have seen your favorite celebrities with those evergreen hairstyles. Here are some …

Should You Shave Your Pubic Hair?

Shot of an unidentifiable young woman trimming a small plant with manicure scissors in studio

Everyone has their pubic hair preferences, and the topic of private grooming is heavily debated. While our ancestors used to be covered in a fuzzy layer of hair all over their bodies, shaving the vaginal or penile areas is common today. It results in a tidy and clean look and makes the genitals more accessible during various sexual activities. 

We all know shaving was popularized by pornography a few decades ago. However, it seems that the bush has recently seen a resurgence in popular culture. So should you shave your pubic hair, and does that include some health risks or benefits? Let’s find out!

Protective Layer for Friction

Contrary to popular opinion, pubic hair has a few different health purposes. It grows around the entire pubic area, which includes the pubic bone as well as the genitals. In puberty, pubes develop due to a spike in sexual hormones. Additionally, it

Stronger Hair and How to Achieve It

Healthy hair is a concern that many people have. Sometimes, it can all be up to genetics, but there are ways that you can improve what you have. And one of the ways to keep your hair healthy is to make it strong. Going about strengthening your hair can be a simple task to do if you are willing to change a few things. 

Why Do You Need Strong Hair

Everyone wants to have healthy, strong hair from their scalp to the tip. Hair health is a major concern among people regardless of their hair type and age. Many of them want to prevent hair loss or for their hair to thin out. Keeping your locks healthy would let you dodge a lot of issues down the road, making your daily routine more manageable. 

However, having thick hair does not mean that it is healthy. Health has to do with