Rules to Live by for Great Hair

Rules to Live by for Great Hair

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Lush and shiny hair has always been a reflection of health, but it also symbolizes freedom, strength, and power. Nowadays, with so many products and skillful hairdressers, we can have beautiful hair like from the ad. On the other side, there are some hair care tips we should follow to have a long, shiny mane. If you want to know how to have healthy hair, you are in the right place.

Avoid Heat

Many girls press their hair every day, but they do not know how important it is to protect their hair from heat. Whenever we treat the hair with presses and curlers, we melt fibers made of elastin, which is responsible for the firmness of hair. Soon, there are changes in the follicle as well. Hair is too dry and lifeless, and the ends are split.

How heat affects your hair depends largely on its quality and strength, but there will certainly be some visible damage. The least we can do is buy a high-quality dryer, silk press, etc. and to use proper thermal protection. Whenever you have time, dry your hair naturally or by switching towels.

Wash Your Hair Properly

When washing your hair, it is important which shampoo you use and whether you rinse your hair with warm or cold water. During rinsing, the colder the water is, the better and stronger the hair will be. Colder water will also contribute to better circulation of the scalp, which will also improve hair growth.

It is necessary to first wet your hair with warm water so that it can soften and be ready for treatment. Also, don’t forget to use a conditioner and hair mask. Use the former after each wash, and the latter every second or third wash. The best products are sulfate and silicone-free, so try to stick to those.


When the hair is brittle and dry, it is a sign that it needs additional hydration. If you choose the right moisturizers, your hair can regain its former appearance and quality. So how should you hydrate your hair? A good moisturizer is water-based and contains a combination of natural ingredients, fats, and oils.

Avoid products that contain alcohol, artificial fragrances, and preservatives. The best natural moisturizer is coconut oil. Whatever hydration product you decide on, it is necessary to apply it on wet or damp hair so as not to create a counter effect and prevent the penetration of water.

Limit Your Sun Exposure

When summer comes, it is not just our skin that we need to take care of but hair as well. Your hair is sensitive to UV rays, and it can dry out. The ends become cracked, it becomes brittle, and the color starts to fade. With good and proper care, you can prevent these effects or make them less visible.

When you wash your hair, it is enough to just squeeze it and let it go. Do not rub it with a towel, blow dry it for a long time, or comb it while it is wet. Wearing a hat is fashionable and protects your head from the sun. Choose a wider one made of a natural and light material.

Avoid Hot Showers

Washing with hot water can negatively affect your hair and cause serious problems. Over time, the hair becomes dry, lifeless, and dandruff can occur. Hot water makes the hair greasy at the root, and the ends become dry. It is wiser to wash it with natural shampoos and rinse it with as cold water as possible. It won’t be pleasant at first, but over time, you’ll grow to love it. You will do yourself a favor when you choose at least lukewarm water. That way, you protect your hair from the potential damage caused by heat.

Do Not Overuse Products

Simple care is the best care. Choose products that are intended for your hair type and stick to proven ones. It is especially harmful when we decide to use all products on the same day. That can be too much for the scalp and hair. A lot of products accumulate on the scalp and hair surface, and the hair is alive and needs to breathe. Products from the surface of the hair absorb smog, dust, and unpleasant odors, and the hair gets greasy. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly. Choose only natural shampoos without sulfates, parabens, and silicone.

Use Silk Pillows

Do silk pillows maintain healthy hair? In a way, yes — it helps maintain hydrated hair. Cotton is more porous than silk and can dry it out and turn it into a bunch of tangled strands. So traditional pillows absorb moisture from your hair, while silk leaves that hydration exactly where it belongs. This means that if you suffer from dry strands or scalp, a silk pillow will be perfect for you. If you do not want to part with your cotton sheets, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before going to bed to keep it clean and shiny. This can also be a great hair styling tip.

Eat the Right Food

By introducing foods that affect our hair in a good way and avoiding those that harm it, we can make it strong. A balanced diet will nourish the hair from the inside and stimulate the production of keratin, a fibrous structural protein found in hair, skin, and nails. In the fight against excessive hair loss, you should immediately say goodbye to fast food, sweets, salty food, and unhealthy fats. Instead, you should consume foods rich in the following nutrients: zinc and magnesium, proteins, iron, vitamin B, and vitamin C. Drinking plenty of water is a must, and you should avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

Vitamin Intake Is Essential

The importance of vitamins for hair is the same as for your body. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins for your hair, and a deficiency can lead to hair loss. Biotin affects hair growth and prevents breakage and brittle hair.
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) improves skin circulation and therefore can have a positive effect on hair growth.
  • Vitamin A can be useful if you want faster hair growth
  • In addition to vitamins C and B, minerals zinc, iron, and copper are essential for accelerated hair growth.
  • Iron is important for building healthy red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair and through the body. Your hair will be shiny and long, in a very short period if you use more iron in your diet.

Beware that research also shows that excessive intake of some vitamins can also damage your hair.

Take Proper Care of Your Hair

As you can see, you don’t need a bunch of products to keep your hair silky, smooth, and healthy. Quite the contrary — avoid too many products, strive to live healthy, and your hair will follow suit. A little bit of mindfulness can go a long way, so follow these tips, and you’ll have a luscious mane in no time.