Signs That a Woman Likes You

Signs That a Woman Likes You

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We can easily figure out when someone likes somebody else, but if we have to decode those small signs directed at us — we are insecure and blind. Women can fool even the smartest men! However, in order to truly understand them, you must also carefully observe all non-verbal signs that will reveal their true intentions or attitudes. That is why we have compiled a list of the most common signs that confirm a girl likes you. Read on for some precious insights and dating tips.

Smiles at You a Lot

One of the first rules of dating is — try to make your date smile. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if she likes you. Does she often smile while talking to you? When someone smiles only out of politeness, their mouth is usually closed. On the other hand, a wide smile, especially if accompanied by compliments, shows interest. Pay attention to her eyes as well. If her eyes are open wide as she smiles at you, it’s much more likely that she’s into you.

Glances at You Often

Glances are the first thing to pay attention to. If she looks at you and likes what she sees, you will know. You will be able to recognize it by the fact that she will let you catch her eye. Direct eye contact that is repeated from time to time is a sign that she is definitely interested, and if you sometimes catch a glimpse of a smile, that’s it — it’s time to take action. If she is shy, maybe she will glance at you and then gently look the other way. However, that shyness around you can be yet another sign.

Looks Away When You Look at Her

Life coach Eli Campbell has explained in her book that if a woman looks down after meeting a man, it almost certainly means that she is attracted to him. That look down actually means that she is checking her emotions. She likes you, but she is trying to determine how much. After that, if she is hiding her face and reactions when you look at her, that is a definite sign that she likes you. Most girls find it uncomfortable to stare at a guy while he is trying to scan their face. That is why they look away when you look at them.

Maintains Eye Contact

In face-to-face communication, we spend most of the time looking our interlocutor in the eye. If we carefully follow the direction of the interlocutor’s gaze, we will be able to get more information. The size of their pupil is changing. Eye contact is a sure sign of liking. The longer it lasts, the greater the interest. If you pay a little attention, you can find out whether a woman’s eyes are shining or not. Relationship advice gurus say this can mean passion and general elation. The longer and more direct the contact is, the more can you be sure that you can make your move.

Plays With Her Hair

Flirting is a sure sign that your chosen one is interested in you. Every woman has her own style of flirting, which includes or excludes some common elements. However, what they all do is play with their hair. This is often the first thing a woman does when she is next to a man she likes. While talking to you, she is playing with her hair, fixing it, or going through it with her hands. Experts say that it is a sign that she likes you and that she unconsciously wants to be beautiful for you or to attract your attention.

However, when a woman ruffles her hair, she definitely imagines you in a hot, intimate setting. That hair play can be sophisticated, gentle, or sharp, depending on her personality and what she wants from you.

Licks Her Lips

If a woman licks her lips in your company, that can be a certain erotic signal that indicates she wants you. It is also possible that this is her habit, but if it’s paired with eye contact — it’s definitely a sign. She likes you, and she wants you. Women lick their lips when they want to draw attention to themselves. This usually means she craves a kiss from you and wants to draw you into this fantasy too. On the other side, it can also mean that her mouth is dry, which can happen when she is especially aroused.

Exposes Her Neck

The female neck is the most graceful part of the woman’s body. If a girl is aware of her sexuality and has enough confidence, she will gladly show it. Maybe she will start touching it, gently and mysteriously, or just expose it enough wearing a flattering dress. Women have a habit of unconsciously touching their necks or faces when they are in the company of a man they like. This should be a sufficient sign that she wants some intimacy with you. Sexologists say that, by touching herself, she is actually showing you what she wants from you, how to touch her, and where.

Subtly Touches You

Touch is the first step in intimacy. It is a sign of desire, love, closeness. If a girl uses every opportunity to touch you, she’s probably into you. She tells you she’s sociable, relaxed, and that she wouldn’t mind if you touched her as well. On the other side, an obvious indicator of lust is the so-called occasional touching. Even if there is no obvious context for touching, she will do it anyway. If she rubs your shoulder while passing by, pay attention to her look. Those small and seemingly unimportant actions are actually a certain sign that she wants you.

Laughs at Your Jokes

If you tell the dumbest joke that you’ve ever heard, and the girl is laughing genuinely, that is a pretty strong indicator that she likes you. The reason why she laughs at your jokes, even if they aren’t funny, is the fact she already finds you attractive. It means everything you say or do is amazing to her. In most cases, she will laugh subconsciously because she expects in advance that what you will say or do will be interesting and witty. If it isn’t, who cares — it’s important that she’s having a blast (and she obviously likes you).

Caresses an Object in Her Hands

We have already mentioned that if there is interest, her actions will show it. She will touch her neck, play with her hair, and she will caress whatever is next to her! It can be a glass on the table, her cellphone, or whatever she finds handy at the moment.

Women who flirt often tend to fidget more. For example, they may play with their jewelry, spinning rings and caressing their necklaces. This happens due to nervous excitement. The heart beats a little faster than usual, and they also need a vent to release the tension.

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Read the Signs Like a Pro

Now that you know all the signs you need to look for, it’s time to go on a date! Whether you’re going out with a long-time crush or a girl you just met on a dating site, you’ll be able to tell if she likes you in no time and spare yourself a lot of stress.