The Best Hairstyles For Every Occasion

The Best Hairstyles For Every Occasion

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Nothing is more important than having the perfect hairstyle for the right occasion. No matter if you’re attending a high-end event or with your significant other for a friend’s wedding, you want to make sure you’re the flyest in the room!

There are so many events that we will experience in life that will require the ideal look but who says it has to be appropriate according to society’s norm and standards? I think it is essential for every woman to become comfortable with stepping outside of their comfort zones and stepping into new limitless boundaries for any and all occasions. I believe in rocking the right hairstyle that suits you best and empowers you to feel and look great regardless of what you’re attending and who is there.

In today’s world of style, you no longer have to adhere and be restricted to a polished, neat look. Below I have shared four different styles to wear to four different occasions that will make everyone stop and stare when you walk in the room.

The Flirty First Date

Let’s talk about hair that is sleek and straight. Every girl’s first date is significant when it comes to setting the tone at the beginning for a new potential bae. Straight strands are back in style, and it’s my opinion that they never left and what a delight for everyone whose hair can’t hold a curl! For most, straight hair is a dominant, feminine style that when adequately straightened exhibits high gloss and movement.

For the first date, vibes are flowing and so should your sleek, straight hair. It’s important to eliminate the tragedy of your straight hair that you took time and effort in achieving to revert to its natural curly state. What are some ways you can make your look last all night to the perfect first date?

How to Prep Your Hair for This

First, it’s important to know the proper way to prep your hair for what some would consider a heat overload, but if you prep your hair correctly and use the right products, you could avoid any heat damage.

Before achieving your sleek look, make sure to dry your hair thoroughly. Drying your hair is the most important factor in going straight. Keep your strands silky smooth by applying a leave-in conditioner and have that red carpet high shine after using a blow-dry serum.

To achieve the sleekest look, use a flat iron precisely with one of my favorite products, Iron Guard Style & Stay Firm by CHI, which helps your new look maintain a natural hold. Don’t let your hair strands be the only sleek thing your date sees!

To top your look off, sleek your edges back for the ultimate slay and make sure you’re ready for date number two!

The Wedding Date

Weddings are the best because they are a great opportunity to be fun and glamorous all at the same time. The first rule to the art of being the perfect date is being social, and nothing is a better conversation starter than, “I love your hair!” One way to achieve such glory is by rocking the long flowing side fishtail braid. Be the new standard with this fun hairstyle and add a bit of messiness to it with some hair strands out of place.

Just like Angeline, be the one that stuns everyone with a style that most think are so simple but looks divine! This look is not only super easy to achieve but can withstand throughout your week and avoids the straining cost of visiting your local hairstylist. Honestly, the messier this look gets, the better!

My favorite thing about this look is how it accentuates the face but doesn’t draw away from its elegance. Most people find this hairstyle to be intimidating because it is not your typical French braid and it takes more than three large strands of hair to achieve it.

It’s important to, first, have the right products at hand to get the look and secondly, have the right hair. Again, we love the messiness this look provides so keeping the fly-a-ways at bay is not necessary but keep those edges tamed is a must.

Another great product to use for the fishtail braid is a light mousse which can be applied to any hair type but preferably a curly one, like the curly virgin Indian hair, which will hold nicely giving the right amount of frizz.

How to Fishtail Braid

Ready to get this look? Follow these detailed steps below to start rocking it as the perfect date!

Step One: Secure
You want to make sure that the foundation of your fishtail braid is stable and secure to keep your braid lasting all night and from unraveling. Firmly gather your hair at the nape of your neck and grip it using a stretchy elastic band.

If you’re using curly hair, lightly apply your favorite mousse so that the hair is properly together.

Step Two: Divide
Split your low ponytail evenly down the middle as you only need two main sections to create your braid.

Step Three: Weave
Use your fingers to separate the hair into a small section from the outer edge near the elastic band. Next, bring your hair over to the opposite side. You are merely overlapping the hair as you would if you were doing a standard french braid.

Then you need to re-grip your hair to tighten the plait, still having a hold on the two sections. Repeat this step with a small section from the other side.

Step Four: Finish
Once you’ve braided your hair down to the ends, take another elastic band to secure the fishtail braid. Finish your braid by gently tugging on your braid with your fingers to loosen it for an effortless messy look.

It’s Her Birthday!

One of the most important days in a girls life is her birthday! It’s the ideal time to celebrate living your best life. Birthdays are a great opportunity to look your best especially when it comes to hair. Picking the right hairstyle for your big day is major.

The most important key is to stand out since it’s your special day. A girl can never go wrong with voluminous curls that are full of body and relentless in staying curly. The bigger, the better girl!

The ideal type of hair to use to get this look is the Brazilian loose wave hair. This hair gives a wild wave pattern with gorgeous soft coils to help in retaining that voluptuous curl. The important thing to know is the right way to achieve your big curls whether with heat or heatless.

A great tool to use when opting for heat is a high-temperature wand. Considering that you would be using plenty of heat, it is vital to properly prep your hair. When taking hold of your hair, begin curling as close to your root as possible. Use caution, then curl the hair towards the root and hold in place.

Are you looking for the heatless option? Head to your local beauty store and pick up flexi-rods in various sizes, preferably the mid-large size. Wrap your strands tightly around the rod securing the ends of the rod to lock the hair in place.

Once removed, give your curls a slight tease and let the volume come to life! Serve birthday girl!

The Elegant Gala

It’s always a great time to dress your best for any high-end event and what’s better than a gala?

A swept over style would be a good compliment to such an elegant atmosphere leaving a red carpet impression. An easy hairstyle, swept over body waves is the perfect look accentuating all types of sexy for the evening. A convenient way to get this look is by using body wave hair neatly combed out. This will still give volume and body.

Lastly, sweep all of the hair to your best side opposite of the side part. Keep your swept waves in place by tucking several bobby pins in your hair along the nape of your neck. Once you’re done you’ll be paparazzi ready! Be sure to grab a soft firm hold spray to keep those waves flowing all night long.

We know that choosing the perfect hairstyle for the designated occasion is crucial to the ultimate slay. I hope these hairstyles provide more inspiration for you to be your most confident self-rocking the style of your choice. Choose the right style that allows you to break conventional boundaries and be the light in any room.

Be comfortable with whatever look you choose and remember to be empowered when you rock it!