Trichophilia: Fetish or Disorder?

Trichophilia: Fetish or Disorder?

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People are into all sorts of things. But did you know that some people love hair? Of course, you did. There is a reason why the beauty industry is thriving. However, some people like hair a lot more than others. For them, watching a shampoo commercial might be equal to porn.

What Is Trichophilia

Trichophilia is, simply put, a hair fetish. People with this type of fetish find hair (most commonly head hair) sexually arousing. As you can probably expect, there are many different types of trichophilia. Some people enjoy looking at it, brushing, or playing with it. However, this doesn’t always have to be related to head hair. Some people may be into chest hair, armpit, or even fur.

Furthermore, the length, color, and even hairstyle are subjective, and a person may enjoy very long or short hair or a specific hairstyle. Since everyone has a different taste, one might be into brunettes, while the other person prefers blondes or redheads.

It is worth mentioning that some people have a haircut fetish, which is a related paraphilia. Getting a haircut or shaving will arouse them. Moreover, it is common for them to enjoy watching other people have a hair cut as well.

While it might seem unusual at first, hair has always been an important part of our culture. From stories about Samson and Delilah to Rapunzel and Sif, who were all known for their beautiful long hair.

What Types of Hair Are They Attracted To?

As we already mentioned, each person is different, and so are their tastes and preferences. For some, size is quite important. Or, more precisely, length. Their ideal partner would have very long hair (we are talking knee-length or even longer). But for others, quality is more important than length. They prefer healthy hair, even if it’s shorter.

The same thing applies to colors as well. Some people with hair fetish love natural colors, and almost always will have a preference. However, some enjoy less common hair colors like blue, green, red, turquoise, and others.

Each individual is into a specific type of hair, and the most common ones include very long and straight hair, curly locks, and specific styles.

We should also add that some enjoy playing with hair in a certain way during sex, including pulling.

As with any other fetish, there are different levels of attraction. For some, touching their partner’s tresses is enough for them to have an orgasm.

How Does One Know If They Have a Hair Fetish?

It is as easy as you would imagine — if you get aroused in situations involving hair, you probably have trichophilia. Naturally, it will be different for everyone, but there are some general rules.

Having a fetish means that the person will get erotic pleasure from a specific object, which is human hair in this case. It is common in both men and women, but males tend to have it more often.

A hair fetish may get aroused when someone plays with their hair or can enjoy touching someone else’s hair. Furthermore, they can get pleasure for having their hair cut or even experiencing erotic sensation during shampoo commercials. Some people love the idea of having sex with someone’s hair.

In general, having a hair fetish is no different than having any other preference. It just shifts the focus from other parts of the body.

Is It a Disorder?

Trichophilia is a disorder only if it causes harm to your or other people. If it brings dysfunction to your everyday life or causes distress to someone else, you might have a problem. That is, if fetish is hurting someone (or yourself), the doctor may diagnose you with the paraphilic disorder.

Paraphilia is anything that causes arousal that’s not considered typical. That involves objects, fantasies, situations, and behaviors. However, there is still no distinction between paraphilia and unusual sexual interest.

A common problem for people with hair fetish is a sense of shame and disgust. Some may act on their urges and do something like touching a person’s hair without consent. As a result, the person may feel tormented because they were unable to resist the urge.

That type of behavior can cause problems for the individual, and they should seek medical attention. Otherwise, the problem will only worsen.

However, this is not something that happens with every person with trichophilia. Most commonly, there are no problems at all. They just have a preference, and their partner might have perfect hair. As a result, their need will be satisfied, and everyone will be happy.

How to Manage This Type of Fetish

There are no treatment options or cures available for hair fetish. The person can’t just stop being attracted to hair. However, this shouldn’t be a reason for concern, especially if you are in a consensual relationship, and your partner knows about it. It can even improve and strengthen your relationship if your partner is into kinky sex. There are so many different ways to enjoy yourself, and there is no reason to worry.

Of course, if any problems occur, you can always reach self-help groups or consult a professional.

It is worth mentioning that hair fetish is not as uncommon as people think. As long as you and your partner enjoy having fun, it will be no different than being attracted to other parts of the body. Your partner might even enjoy teasing you with their hair, and it can make a world of difference.

The only thing that can cause problems with fetishes is resisting urges and trying to change someone’s personality. It can often lead to problems with mental health, self-esteem, and frustration.


Hair fetish is among the most common fetishes you can encounter. People just love beautiful locks.

Some love caressing hair, but others might find pleasure in cutting it. Either way, there are no reasons for concern, as long as your hair fetish does not interfere with your everyday activities. If you feel good about it, especially if your partner enjoys it, then you can enjoy spending time together and stop worrying about a thing.