What are the best hairstyles for men that never go out of style?

What are the best hairstyles for men that never go out of style?

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The social response system depends on perception about the personality cues you give through your body features, body language, outfit, and your hairstyle. Your hairstyle is your crown which you wear to show control, authority, and confidence. The style of your hair helps you position as you wish. However, your liberty of hairstyle selection depends on several factors mainly the hair type, quality and hair-care regime you follow.

It is a fact that we lose about 100 hairs a day naturally. But it is not a matter of concern because if you maintain an optimum supply of nutrients then fresh hair will grow naturally. To maintain the loss and growth balance you have to follow a good diet pattern so that you have enough vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in your body to support hair growth. The quality hair gives you the desired freedom and flexibility to experiment with your hairstyle matching your personality. Here are some of the hairstyles and related personality perception popular in masses. It is good to know about popular perception so that you could choose accordingly.

Hair and Related Personality

  • If you are funny at the core, it is red hair that will match your personality. Similarly, your curly hair positions you as warm-hearted, fun-loving and fast personality.
  • If you are innovative and creative try wavy hairstyle and if your hair is thick try matching hairstyle as it reflects your will power.
  • If you have straight hair and you want the curly look, it shows you are looking for more fun on the other hand if your hair is curly and you want to make it straight it reflect chaos in your life.
  • If you are a thinker and logical type of personality it is better to have a little longer hair.
  • Your super-short hair tells about your no-fuss personality on the other hand if your hairstyle is high maintenance type it means you are little self-critical in nature.
  • Interestingly, if you want to be super romantic then try the bald look.
  • If you are a perfectionist type, try layered hairstyle and if you are revolutionary type keep your straight across. Try to avoid irregularity in the hairline, as it reflects your troubled adolescence.
  • If you rounded hairline gives you the good boy touch, and your ponytails show that you are focused and goal-oriented type.

So, it is your choice to position your personality more effectively through a perfect hairstyle. However, lots depend on your natural hair type decided by genetic factors. All you need a perfectly healthy hair to experiment under the guidance of your hairstylists.

Evergreen Hairstyles for Men

 Hairstyle changes with popular fashion trend. There is nothing wrong in going with the trend, however, it is good if you focus on your personality and choose a hairstyle that helps you in making desire statement. It is not just about to look but something beyond. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles that majority of people try to match their personality.

  • Round Cut

If your face is angular with curly hair on the head, then you can try round cut for a modern look. This cut keeps your hair longer on top and sides and fades down to the skin. You have to be little more frequent to your saloon to get it trimmed just to avoid the bushy look.

  • Square Fade

Similarly, if your face is squarish in shape it is better to try square cut as it accommodates your head shape. The square-cut fades higher on the sides. In this case, also, you have to get it regularly trimmed for a better look.

  • Buzzcut

If you are sure about the skull shape, the buzz cut is for you, especially in springs. You have all the benefits of little or no maintenance, no muss, and no hair-care products. All you have to finalize is how short you want to go. Your stylist will use A1 setting to go close to your skin and A4 for half-inch of buzz.

  • Buzzcut with Skin Fade

If you want to bring an element of personality with the buzz cut, this is for you. Your stylist will use A1 on the clipper and fade up from all sides and back. You can keep hair length of choice on top matching your face structure and personality. However, for contemporary look keep it short at the top as well.

  • Side Sweep

If you are gifted with straight hair and want to keep it long enough, the side sweep cut is for you. Your skull skin won’t be visible as your stylist will use scissors to cut the sides up to one and a half-inch then goes with the flow towards the top to keep hair length medium on the top. You will save your maintenance time and product.

  • Slicked-Back Side Part

If don’t want that skinny look of buzz cut or crew-cut but low maintenance. Then you can opt for the slicked-back side part cut. If you are heading towards summer and your skull sweats a lot then simply ask your stylist for two inches on top and an inch on the sides. Then slick it back and to the side using some high-hold jells.

  • High-and-tight

It is universally most popular as it gives you the ease of buzz cut without that style commitment to the crop. Although, it suits better with the square face but goes well with all type of shapes. The high and tight cut starts A1 or A2 setting and then fade up. Your top will have little long hair.

  • Pomp Fade

If you want shorter hair on sides and layered length on top, then pomp fade is for you. Although it requires little more maintenance it is worth it. You have to work hard to keep that volume in the front. For the perfect look, comb jell product back from the front and blow it back and up to get little height. Once it is dry apply little but product with finger to give it separation.

  • Modified Pompadour

If you want pomp fade for your straight hair but lower maintenance, then try modified pompadour. This gives you a bit longer and layered hair on top with a fade down on sides and back. It saves you too much styling requirement. Just blow dry your hair and use any jell product to style it over to the sides.

  • Long-on-top high-and-tight

It is the easiest hairstyle for any type of hair or face. Ask your stylist to cut high and tight on the sides and an inch longer on the top. Use towel drying to add a side part then apply to hold product with a comb.

  • Taper Fade

If you have thick wavy hair, then try taper fade as it gives you hair length on top. Your hairstylist will point cut two-three layers to remove bulk. Use a light conditioner and little oil to give it a smooth and soft look. You can use texturizing cream on wet hair and then and dry it. Once dry, use some strong-hold wax to get separation. It is better to avoid comb and use a finger to style it.

  • Quiff

If you have a high or receding hairline, then quiff is for you get the desired look. Your hairstylist will keep it longer in front and shorter everywhere to create an illusion of full hair. It is a little risky to try on curly hair.

  • Fade

If you have ultra-thick and ultra wavy hair, you don’t have many options to experiment with the hairstyle. If you want little less length on top, then fade cut with about an inch on top will give you that desired versatile look. It is a low maintenance style with minimal product requirement.

  • Side-Part Swoop

If your hair is thick and you are looking for low maintenance option the side-part swoop is for you. Your hairstylist will keep approx 2 inches on top and an inch on sides. To style, it simply dries it and use clay and comb it to the side. Use your finger to get the desired volume and wave.

  • Brushed-Back

Your hairstylist will try layered cut on the top with longer length on the front and about an inch on sides. This will give you the classic brushed back look. Use your mild-hold product to comb it back. Once it is dry, use your finger to create separation for the desired look.

You have your best cut and you are looking great, but how to maintain it. If you want to make an impact, you have to follow a good hair-care regime to keep your hair naturally healthy. First, most important point is to maintain a perfect diet to ensure an optimum supply of nutrients, minerals and fatty acids required for healthy hair growth. To save your hair from damage, avoid daily hair-washing and dry it gently. If possible avoid as many chemicals as you can and better opt for herbal and natural products. Pollutants, dust, and dirt is a reality of life, so use mild shampoo but not regularly. Your hair is made of protein, mainly alpha-keratin, so avoid exposure to temperature extremeness as it could damage your hair permanently. Depending on the style of your hair, it is good to get regular cut at an interval of 3-5 weeks for neat and healthy hair.

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Ultimately, your hair is a reflection of your personality. To maintain good hygiene, eat a balanced diet, drink enough water, get good sleep and stay positive for healthy and shiny hair.