What are the hacks for sex hair?

What are the hacks for sex hair?

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Hair is the most important part of our personality and each one of you probably wants people to notice them. But, whom do you actually want to notice? That special one, right? Love, at first sight, is no myth. It happens. And your hair plays a very important role in that. It is a proven fact that when somebody looks at you for the first time, he probably looks at your face first and then the hair. If your hair is all set up and maintained you can make anybody fall for them and those girls jealous of you.

But, where do we need to look our best? Not really in front of all the people but that one person that we want should care. And when you are deeply in love, there comes to sex. Sex is an important part of any relationship and it’s really important for a person to look his best while having sex or even before sex to get the person attracted towards you and make him excited enough to want to have sex with you. For girls, makeup doesn’t work in bed. Guys don’t really like the girls with too much makeup while getting intimate. So, what can work here is the hair. Style them in a way that your partner can’t resist. Make them look so good on you that you be the sexiest woman on earth for him.

Even for the men, hair could be the thing that attracts the woman a lot. Women tend to be very attracted to a guy’s hair. What every woman notices after a guy’s face are his hair and height. And hence, guys are a bit protective for their hair as well.

Now, here are some tips for both men and women to have the best of their hair in bed.

Let’s get to women first because they probably need to give much more attention and time to their hair.

For women, the way they style their hair could be a breakthrough for her successful sex life. What here matters the most is what their guy likes. And also, what suits them the most.

  1. Open them up

If you have a guy who enjoys running his fingers into your hair, then it’s undoubtedly best to keep the hair open to keep your partner happy. Many guys are very fascinated about how a girl styles her hair. And most of the guys love to look at the girl in open hair. A girl probably looks her best with her hair open. And when that hair gets in contact with the guy’s body, it could turn him on and make the moment special. Also, If it’s a special night, prefer leaving the hair open as it’s sexier and more fascinating.

  1.  Tie them together

 Well, who knows your guy better than you. And also what looks good on your face. What a ponytail does while sex is a lot beneficial and could be the best choice for usual sex. Ponytail keeps your hair from coming to the face while you’re having a moment with your partner of intense kissing. Hair in the mouth is actually irritating for guys at times. For you to ensure that your guy is loving the time with you, you need to take care of what he prefers. Also, while in action, guys usually like to pull the girl’s hair and it is one of the most satisfying activity for the ones who like to be in a dominating position. Also, Ponytail protects your hair from getting damaged with the friction created by the movement of sex. But it is preferable to go with the open hair for a big and special night of yours.  The biggest reason for you to keep a ponytail is that the guys adore the girls who keep their hair tied up because they get to see their whole face rather than covered with hair.

  1. Braid them well

Braids could be the sexiest and the most well-maintained look when done properly. For the girls in or outside the best, braids are the best option as they look elegant at both the places. For being in bed, looking at your hair all over the place could be really frustrating for you and your partner as well. A fishtail is considered to be the most elegant and put up look. It makes you look sexy, and your partner will be all arisen by your look.

  1. Get those curls

Curls could be really sexy when tried with that sexy lingerie you bought. But be sure to do them well. The undone or unprepared curls could really give your partner a turn off moment which can result in getting the night spoiled for you. But when properly done, let him fix and curl his fingers all along them.

  1. Get him ready with that messy bun

Anything messy you put up could already do the work for you. Be it messy open hair or a messy fishtail. Buy a lower messy bun is a great sign for him to touch you more and continue with the action. He’s never gonna ignore this call.

  1. Get those layers on your face

When those layers fall off on your face, he will be tempted to touch your face to get them aside. He will be more close to you and will adore your beauty the more. And then when his hand will fall off those layers and get to your breasts, it’ll be a moment sexier than ever.

Now for the men who wanna have those perfect sex hair to get their women all turned on by their sexy look.

  • Keep them lengthy

Every woman looks for a man and not a guy with a good amount of gel on his hair. A manly personality for a man could be reflected in several ways. The best of them is having a bro flow hairstyle. It basically means keeping a bit lengthy hair that gives you all rugged look that every woman looks for. If you wanna send a signal to the ladies out there, that a stud with excellent sexy personality is out here, get this look. While in bed, the girl when reaches your hair feels good to caress them and control you with your hair.

  • Tie them up

Just like a bun does wonders to a woman’s personality, so is the case with men. Women tend to get more attracted to the men with their hair tied up giving that flattering look to their personality. Get it easily by just brushing your hair with your fingers and tying them up. Women in bed with men with a bun tend to play with it and make the guy swirl around by holding up to it. Controlling a man’s face actions and where he kisses a woman can be controlled perfectly with it.

  • That ceaser cut is a must

Every woman dreams of a guy with the sexiest jawline to have this cut. This cut gives a man solution to their not so volumized hair and attracts the women like nothing else. It goes with all the hair types and ages and is one of the most popular cuts among men. A woman in bed gets really fascinated by looking at the man’s all clear and maintained face with no hindrance of hair. With women fantasizing about all the celebrities with this cut, make her yours by maintaining the look and surprising her.

  • Slick back hair is the new trend

What better than a man with a long beard and his hair slicked back. The most sexier look for men drives the women around crazy and his woman will love playing with his hair and the beard in bed. For the tough personality, this tends to be to the best look. If you’re wishing to be in a dominating position with your girlfriend, wait for some time grow that beard and slick back your hair to make it look real.

All of it was just some materialistic stuff to deal with in bed. But hair plays a very important role in making your partner active and get him into the action. Women can really tease the men with their long hair and use them to seduce them to the extent. Each hairstyle a woman put on has different effects on the guy and each of them sends different signs. With men as well, they need to try just a little to have their hair in shape and all sexy for the girls. Be sure to let your girl tell you how she likes them to be and try getting them to the most extent you can.

But most importantly, what matters is opening up to each other. Tell each other how you like yourself to be and follow their tips. Your partner wants to know they matter and be it your hair or your personality, how you keep them matters a lot to him.