Sex Hair Hacks that You Need to Know

Sex Hair Hacks that You Need to Know

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Are you a fan of the frizzy, “just-got-laid” hairstyle? Or are you constantly embarrassed by your sex hair and are looking for ways to preserve your new hairstyle post-orgasm? 

Many women with longer hairstyles worry about their hair during sex, and it’s a legitimate concern. Sadly, when sex gets better, hair gets messier. Even though it’s completely worth it, fixing your hair can take up a lot of time afterward. This can be incredibly inconvenient if you’re jumping into bed on a daily basis. 

Luckily, there are a couple of solutions, tricks, and easy hairstyles you can try to solve any sex-related hair trauma. Interestingly, some of these tips could also improve your adventures in the bedroom if you’re kinky or creative. After all, we all know that, with long hair, sex can be super fun if you like it rough (hair-pulling, anyone?).

Use Silk or Satin Pillowcases to Not Mess up Your Hair

As unexpected as this may seem, pillows are an essential part of sex. They are used for head, back, elbow, or even knee support in various positions. However, we rarely think about the materials used for our pillows and pillowcases. 

If you prefer to stay on your back and keep your head on a cushion during intercourse, you definitely become an unfortunate victim of fuzzy sex hair. Pushing against a pillow can cause all sorts of tangles, awkward angles, weird curls, and poor-quality pillowcase materials do not help.

Fortunately, the solution to these problems is to look for a new pillowcase. If your pillowcases are made out of polyester or cotton, it’s time to change them out. They can absorb moisture, which results in excessive dryness of not just your hair but your skin, too. Namely, the material can soak up healthy hair and skin oils, which can result in brittle and dull hair. Combine that with the pushing and tugging during erotic activities, and you’ll get a shocking recipe for awkward sex hair. 

So first check your pillowcases, and if you see any cotton or polyester-related disclaimers on their labels, swap them. The best materials to choose would be satin and silk. These soft materials are incredibly gentle and can benefit the hair as well as the skin. Namely, they eliminate friction and do not absorb moisture. That means that they are the best pillowcase that will help you to maintain your hairstyle, even during the roughest sexual escapades. 

Since silk and satin are non-absorbent, they’ll eliminate breakage, split ends, and will keep your hair oils intact. On top of all that, these pillowcases will also benefit your facial complexion, and they can help eliminate wrinkles. 

Always Bring a Handy Hair Comb

There are many small travel brushes that you can find online these days. They are incredibly convenient because they’ll fit into your purse. A small brush is an ideal tool for any late-night booty call, especially if you’re heading to work the day after. 

If you keep one in your purse, you won’t need to carry around a bunch of other products — simply start by combing your ends and then move up. It’s also possible to find small detangling brushes or wide-tooth combs. They are especially useful if you’re working with lots of hair volume. Plus, many will include a small mirror that could be quite useful. Basically, any type of small brush will be perfect after a wild night, and your styling will remain intact. 

What’s more, if you’re into it, scratch two itches at once and use the brush for spanking! However, if your hair is simply too thick for a small brush, the other solution would be to get creative with your positions. Try things like doggie, staying on top, the turtle, reverse cowgirl, the lotus flower position, etc.  

Put on Some Braids

And if you’ve got some long locks or wild curly hair, the only true way to keep it from tangling during intercourse is to braid it. Sure, you can make a top knot bun, but that’s a bit tricky to control during sex as it can fall out. On the other hand, braids are quite sexy and incredibly efficient for hair maintenance. 

And if you make a long ponytail braid or a French braid, you won’t just ensure that your hair will remain intact — you’ll also be able to try all kinds of hairstyle sex tricks. For example, you can allow your partner to braid it for you during foreplay. You can also tickle your partner’s body with it or wrap it around a guy’s penis to tease him. 

What’s more, braids are also the perfect companion for rough sex. You can hand your partner the “reigns” and allow them to pull your hair from behind as they penetrate you. 

Overall, braids are just the best for hair-pulling sex as they do not cause too much pain or hair damage. And if you want to get even kinkier, you can use your braid as an improvised blindfold for yourself or even gently bite on it to prevent the neighbors from hearing your screams! 

However, with any braids or twists, you’ll need to ensure that your scalp stays moist. Also, don’t wear them for more than a few weeks since you can damage your hair and scalp health. In case you’re using bobby pins, make sure your partner knows where they are to avoid causing you any harm.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Ponytail

The only downside of braids is that they are a bit complicated. If you just can’t be bothered to braid your hair or you don’t know how to do it, a basic ponytail will also work. It’s the most effective way to keep your hair in check during sex. Plus, it’s a great temporary solution since it takes a few seconds to do.

However, ponytails will make a small dent in your hair if your hairstyle is too short. If you choose an ill-fitting hair tie, it can be even worse, which definitely won’t help you if you’re looking to tame your post-sex hair. Luckily, you can choose alternatives like spiral hair ties. They have a relaxed fit and may allow you to leave your ponytail on for several hours without leaving a dent in your hair. 

What’s more, a ponytail will work in almost any sex position. You’ll be able to move it out of the way during missionary and other positions on your back. Plus, if things get really sweaty, your hair will stay much cleaner than if you were to let it loose. And of course, it will keep your hair out of the way of any bodily fluids, especially if you’re into rough oral play or facials. 

Use Some Dry Shampoo for After-Sex

Finally, our last tip could save you if you don’t have time or energy to wash your hair and use a noisy blow dryer after a strong orgasm or two. If you’ve never tried a dry shampoo product before, it’s a powder-like shampoo that doesn’t require any water. It is typically sold in cans, which makes it quite portable and convenient. Plus, it’s based on natural materials like starch. Dry shampoo is efficient when it comes to several hair-related issues. 

Namely, this shampoo can get rid of grease and smell. Its powdered form can absorb grease without harming your essential hair oils. Furthermore, dry shampoo can also add some volume to your hair. It can revitalize it and make it look fresh and clean after just one application. What’s more, you can apply it with a gentle massage as well as brushing. Dry shampoo acts quite quickly, which makes it a must-try for post-coital hair maintenance. 

However, keep in mind that it will not replace a real shampoo and that it’s only a quick solution that will get you through the day. Experts generally advise against using it for multiple days at a time. Additionally, if your ends are already damaged, try not to use it on them as that can lead to further drying. 

The technology behind dry shampoo has advanced in recent years. There are new solutions on the market that have additional hair benefits and can be applied for longer. Most modern dry shampoo products do not leave behind any residue. However, if you’re tempted to use baby powder or coconut oils, keep in mind that dry shampoo is much more effective. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, plenty of practical and creative ideas will help you control your hair without taming your inner sexual beast! Which beauty hack did you like the best? Don’t hesitate to try them all after your next intimate encounter, and we guarantee you your hair will go perfectly with your gorgeous post-orgasm smile!