What are the pros and cons of using a blow dryer?

What are the pros and cons of using a blow dryer?

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Connecting the quality of hair and styling is two genres of taking care of oneself. The dust particles present in the air and the stressful thoughts in the head are two reasons for bad hair quality. Somewhat not taking care of your hair can be one of the reasons for hair loss. According to recent data, the quality of air has been decreasing day by day which leads to bad treatment of hair.

When it comes to the beauty of a human, hair is an integral part to rejuvenate the eternal elegance. Talking about the quality of hair, to be maintained according to the environment in you are living in the utmost priority to balance the exquisiteness. The overhauling routine of people is harming them a lot by the means of health and beauty.

When people wanted to dry their hair after washing at a fast rate, their existence of hairdryer came into the world. The use of hair dryer is for hair styling as well as hair shaping in beauty salons and can be used personally. Personal care for hair is necessary to know. The texture, length, volume of hair can be some characteristics to judge the healthy hair.

Hair is the first noticeable thing of women, it intensifies the beauty. The foremost thing which we look for is the personality of the human standing in front of us. Hair is a symbol of feminism in history. The personality of a person contains various qualities such as posture, dressing sense, hair styling, gesture and way of communicating with others defines it. Personality is a magnet which attracts attention.

The thoughts, personality, confidence, and belief is commuted through hair. When it comes to grooming, this is not only related to women but it is equally important for men. The cliché goes like the hair is a crown to wear, has the power to magnify the glory of men and women. The trend to have well-grown hair on the head is apparent.

Today we will dig the properties of a hairdryer in pursuit of a relevant answer. Although hairdryer was not there for a long time, still it has created a well-grown market for hair styling and hair shaping.

What is a hairdryer/blow dryer?

The Electromagnetic device used to blow hot or normal air over slightly wet hair to dry it fully is known as hair dryer/blow dryer. It evaporates the water to dry the hair. Its control over shape and volume of hair. The formation of temporary hydrogen bond within the strands of hair shapes and styles it.

Hairstyling with the use of blow dryers along with the use of hairbrushes as well as styling products leads to some attractive styles. A blow dryer allows you to use less styling products to finish off your style. The usage of a blow dryer will free you from weighing down your hair by adding too much which could result in hair fall. The undernourished hair can be a black spot on your impressive character.

The haircare market has been witnessed the invention of a hairdryer in 1920. It can be used for effective treatment of lice and earwax.

The evaporation can be controlled by relative humidity (the ratio of the capacity of water to hold air with the amount of water the air is holding). The relative humidity decreases when air is heated. The water evaporates easily when relative humidity decreases. Therefore, hot air can dry your hair faster than normal air.

The heating element with the fan lets the motor start spinning fan which is situated inside, draws the air in the environment through the small holes present in the side of the dryer. The attachments are available with hairdryers such as comb nozzles, diffusers or wider nozzle.

Difference between a blow dryer and hairdryer

People assume both terms as one but there is some difference which exists between blow dryers and hair dryers. A blow dryer can be used to blow anything and can’t be electric heating equipment while hair dryer is solely made for hairs, accessible through electric.

People use these terms interchangeably as well as understands that both are the same device. But both of these are similar devices can be used for a different purpose.

Types of hairdryer

There are two types of hairdryer available in the market:

  • The handheld hairdryer

These hair dryers are normal handheld dryer which we use personally or see at salons.

  • The rigid hood dryer

Rigid plastic dome-shaped hairdryers with tiny air outlets to produce hot or normal air to blow or dry the hairs.

Pros of using the hairdryer

  • It allows fast blow-drying and styling
  • Styled hair by this can lasts long
  • Makes hair shiny and supple
  • Curls done using hairdryer can last long
  • Use to blow and dry hairs with no extra cost
  • Can be used by anyone, easy to use
  • Portable hairdryer are available which can be easily accessible
  • It can pre-mold your hair for styling.
  • Causes less frizz
  • Keeps the moisture of hair out
  • A proper amount of heat over partial damp hairs can make your hair shiny and healthy.
  • The single strand of hair can be blow-dried keeps cuticle layer smooth.

Cons of using the hairdryer

  • can make the scalp dry
  • it can dehydrate your hair
  • can burn your hair
  • it removes the natural shine of hair
  • make the hair opaque
  • leaves the hair matte
  • hair texture can be ruined
  • the weakening of the hair
  • can cause rupture of the hair strand
  • it can make your hair dull
  • it can cause split ends
  • can damage your hair badly
  • excessive dryness of hair
  • it can make your hair brittle and unmanageable for a long term
  • damage to hair cuticle and cells

Regular blow-dry can also severely damage the hair fiber. When you will heat your hair continuously, then you will be able to see a whitish appearance on your hair, particularly when you quickly dry your wet hair. Applying unnecessary styling products and regular heat over wet hair can let the hair break causes more often.

The fast world paced holding busy lifestyle of men as well as women and nobody wants to wait for a single second. Taking care of your hair and beauty regime is getting more difficult through natural ways. Getting already late for your work and the clock is ticking, you can’t let your hair dry naturally. The importance of blow dryer is known in these circumstances. It saves time. Many renowned hairstylists and beauty professional uses blow dryers/ hair dryers for hair styling.

If the blow dryer is not selected as per the necessity, then it can cause harmful effects. To control the heat control in any dryer can be a better option when it will contain the different level of heat for drying your hair. Selection of hairdryer is an important decision to be taken for healthy and nourished hairs.

The efficiency of the hairdryer will be experienced when it will be handled carefully. Best of some hairdryer are devices with best services and expensive enough. It used in the hairstyling industry, being an important part of fashion and glamorous industry.

One can choose the hairdryer as per the desire and need. Many types of hairdryer are available in the market. One must go through its specifications and match the quality of hair. You can prefer any hair stylist’s consent for the same.

For instance, one should look for the power it is consuming. This will affect the speed of drying the hair. Some of the expensive hair dryers have automatic cut service which helps the hair for not getting burnt. Generally, high wattage dryer is favorable for use.

The technology of hair dryer matters a lot. The ceramic technology will not harm your hair and keep your hair smooth. It controls the heat and distributes it more evenly over the hairs. It will remove the frizz by keeping it easy.

Levels to provide a different amount of heat as per the need. More level in the dryer will be comfortable to switch the amount of heat will provide an assistance of power of heat needed to blow and dry your hair.

The attachment will act as an intermediate between heat generated and blow, the nozzle attachment of a blow dryer. For proper distribution of heat over the hairs is maintained by its nozzle attachment. Much wider nozzle will not concentrate the amount of heat required for hairs.

These factors can be kept in mind while purchasing the blow dryer. It can be helpful for you to understand the details and a threat it is having by using. As we all know, the continuous use of any product can give bad results. Limited use of anything will be enough for maintaining the natural things which we have got. Some natural treatment is best to opt rather than choosing chemical products. Hair is a symbol of confidence, the more well-groomed you will live, can impress many people and can boost your energy of self-confidence.