Why you should maintain strong hair for better sex?

Why you should maintain strong hair for better sex?

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Most of the people aspire for the selection of a long-term mate during their life. The intersexual desire for choosing a mate is an endeavor to pursue. Selection of mate is based on various aspects makes it some sort of mystery. We don’t let anybody know the selection procedure of mate. Certain characteristics are evolved while selecting a mate for life.

Hair length and its quality act as a reminder of women’s youth and health. The reproductive potential is signified by hairs. Evolutionary psychology and research reports stated that hair is a signal of desirability and mate selection. Hair type, color and style affect the sexuality a lot and act as self-expression. Women’s hair exhibit features that seem attractive to men thus play an important part in the selection of a partner.

In an ancient time, long luscious hair was seen as a sign of beauty. The Greek Goddess of love often depicted with long flowing locks. Nowadays 82% of men admitted that long hair is a big part of finding women attractive. The hairstyle gives a peek into your character as well as reveals things like how you do things to gain affection.

According to the theory of sexual strategies, a woman tries to find various attributes in men for choosing the best partner. They seek economic stability, sense of humor, belongingness, and preferably desire for those men who are ambitious, intelligent, healthy and willing to commit. While men prefer those women having the quality of dedication towards them as well seeks the woman who seems to be highly productive, young, healthy and good looking.

Preferably, we have discussed the criteria on which men and women select a mate for their life. A woman tends to spend more time and money on maintaining hair quality with styling. Women’s hair is a signal which is potentially powerful and interesting as it is highly visible and susceptible.

Significance of strong hair

Women’s hair holds social significance by marking their relationship status and reproductive qualities such as married, divorced, single or engaged. The long and strong hair of women signifies fertility. According to ancient theory, women who have long and strong hair are good in bed they are the best, loyal and most trust-worthy people to get into a relationship with. Women with a good composition of hair are also considered to be the most beautiful when compared to women having short tresses.

Many beauty experts stated that long and healthy hair is a positive sign of living a wise life. The thick strands of hair are the main feature of a person that makes one look more attractive, which is why even women prefer to grow their hair long. On the other hand, studies have shown that women who have long, as well as strong hairs, are said to be healthier. Healthy women have lustrous and shiny hair, whereas the hair of sickly women loses its shine and luster. The study also explains that growth of hair is slow; and if it of shoulder-length, it only reveals the health status of a woman. So, the longer the length of hair, the better the health of a woman.

Reasons why men are attracted to strong long-haired women:

  • Healthy hair enhances a women’s look

A woman having healthy hair seems to look much more charismatic than a short-haired woman. It enhances the woman’s look, making her appear much more appealing and beautiful.

  • Symbol of fertility

Healthy long hair signifies a woman who is healthy emotionally as well as physically. According to the ancient study report, women having long hair is more fertile than weak short-haired women. When hair is long, healthy, lustrous and beautiful it only defines the health of women that she is consuming the right kind of food and is looking after her tresses in the most natural way possible.

  • It is something to play with

When it comes to men and their sexual fantasies, they adore women who have long hair. Men love to play with women’s hair, as it excites them and makes them feel erotic.

  • Nourished long hairs open up to a lot of styles

Women who have short hair can only pull off one style, whereas women who are blessed with nourished long hair have a variety of styles that they can try from, and this attracts a man.

  • dense long hair seduces a man

Long dense hair somehow seduces a man, and it is said that 90 percent of men feel aroused around women who have long strong hair. Nourished tresses are equaled to be feminine, which gives men all the more reason to fall head over heels in love with a woman having long hair.

  • long hair looks hot on women

Whether you have thick, curly or straight hair, men find this as an attraction and consider it to be a hot look on women.

Sex and its relation with hair

A woman who can carry dense long hair with style, grace and attitude it adds up to the point. The points revealing that having strong hair can be a source of better sex append the classic grace of having satisfying sexual intercourse.

Although sex is not only physical or biological activity, it is about the connection which is shared between individual. The pleasurable sex is the function of brain satisfying the desire for sexual activity. Sex can feel pretty great but have you ever stopped in the middle of it to wonder why. What happens in the brain and body during sex?

There are different types of sex but for all, the first step is usually arousal which occurs due to the gesture and looks of your partner. Here the length of hair can seduce your partner well. Increased blood flow causes tissues like your chest to swell and your face to get what’s known as sex flush for those with penis blood flowing gorges the three spongy areas leads to an erection. For those with the vagina, the opening inner and outer labia swell as well. This increased pressure causes fluid production which creates lubrication

Apart from physical changes experience while having sex, let us figure out why men get attracted to beautiful women. Once a scholar said that we are engineered genetically to flirt, if we don’t flirt we don’t have sex and if we don’t have sex, we do not reproduce but in order of the flirting process to begin, a man has to be physically attracted to a woman. Being the source of attraction this process can be revealing about the constraint of the favorable. How this process takes place, according to research when a man checks out the girl, they do a reproductive fitness assessment. This assessment is a combination of various factors that have been scientifically proven to make women physically attractive to men.

According to a study, men prefer a large waist to hips ratio. Waist and hips are an important factor when it comes to childbirth so when men see a ratio that they perceive to be favorable, they are subconsciously thinking she could have my baby.

A female with a higher pitch of the voice is more likely to be perceived by men as attractive the high voice not only denotes youth but also a smaller body. A couple of scientists stated that long lustrous nourished hair plays an important role in female attractiveness.

None of these factors can be controlled naturally, but there are some attractors which one can exercise to gain the attention of men such as smiling; not wearing much cosmetics because men like natural beauty more than a face full of makeup.


As per many research and studies, it has been found that sex can enhance hair growth as it enables our functional organs to properly distribute the nutrients and allow other body parts to improve the absorption of nutrients. The proper absorption of nutrients can surely improve our hair growth.

Sex improves the shine of hair, as during sexual interaction the body releases estrogens hormone which nourishes hair and reduces hair loss. It can make hair shiny and skin smoother. Some of the hairs vitamins are also circulating inside the body to nourish hair.

Hair says about sex life from its style, color, and cut. The personality changes following the new hairstyle. The aspect of reproduction is shown through women’s hair. Women hair is a signal of potential reproduction. It is a part of self-identity and self-image. The change of image for oneself can lead to a change of hairstyle.

There is no such reason for better sex while having strong hair, many other factors exist which can be a part of pleasure giving sex. The recognition of hair signals depends on person to person. Losing hair due to much reason is common but losing it in huge proportion gives stress such as women losing hair due to cancer or chemotherapies, they sometimes feel that they have lost an important part of life.