Cute Valentine’s Hairstyles to Impress Your Date

Cute Valentine’s Hairstyles to Impress Your Date

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Valentine’s Date Hairstyles

With Valentine’s Day getting closer, you are probably wondering how to look fantastic for your date? This is normal, but have you given any thought to your hairstyle? Well, you are in the right place since we have some cute hairstyles for you to try before the big day.

Looking Your Best on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. It is a day known for its romance when you can enjoy the feeling of being in a romantic movie (if you are lucky.) It is an important day for those who love love as well as those who secretly do.

So if you have a date that you want to impress, your hairstyle is important. This Valentine’s Day, you can expect a lot of online dates instead of in-person ones due to obvious reasons. Therefore, your Valentine’s Day hairstyle is more important now than ever before. If you go on an online date, the only thing the other side will see is your gorgeous face and hair, so make it count.

The same applies to in-person dates. Your outfit can be cute, but your hair will get the most attention. Therefore, here are some Valentine’s Day hair ideas to get you excited for the day of love, maybe even a start of long-term love.

Rock Those Polished Waves

The first hairdo that we suggest you should try is polished waves. This would be a great do for those with shoulder-length to long hair. This style is not difficult to do. The steps to make your hair have polished waves are the following:

  • Spray your hair with a dry shampoo to give it volume and then brush big areas of your hair.
  • Take your hairspray and spray it about ten to 12 inches away from the face on a section of your hair.
  • Wrap that piece of your hair around a curling iron for a few seconds and release it.
  • Repeat with the hairspray and curling iron throughout the rest of your hair. However, make sure that you get large sections.
  • When you have gone through your hair, gently brush it to complete the look. Then spray a bit of hairspray to hold it and give it more shine.

Make Him Jump With Excitement With Your Bouncy Blow Dry

Another cute girl’s hairstyle that is easy to do is the bouncy blow dry hairstyle. It will make you look as if you have just stepped out of the salon, even if you have done it by yourself at home. The steps are as follows:

  • Wash your hair twice, making sure that you apply your conditioner to the tips and length of the hairs. No need to focus on the roots. When you are done, take your hair clips and clip the top part of your hair up.
  • Take a round brush and curve a section of your hair around it. Making sure the hair goes under the brush. Using a hairdryer, you can blow your hair while moving the round brush down.
  • Apply this on your whole hair in different sections, bottom to top.
  • The top of your hair should be done last (obviously), and if you want to add an extra bounce, you can blow dry these parts with your head tilted down for a few minutes.

For more tips on how to be attractive aside from doing your hair, follow these advice.

Casual but Fierce With Undone Chignon

If your inspiration for hairstyles is Margot Robbie, you may be interested in the undone chignon/ponytail that she’s known for. This style can give you a more relaxed look while keeping the hair out of your face. The steps to achieve this do are as follows:

  • Divide your hair into three sections — the middle and sides.
  • The middle part should be in a loose ponytail that you will split above the hair tie. Pull the bottom part of the ponytail through the hole. This is the chignon.
  • Gently, with a small, fine comb, push the bottom part up in the section to add some texture.
  • Then roll the hair onto the chignon, making a ball. Add bobby pins to hold it in place and to support it. It is okay if it looks messy.
  • Take the other side of your hair and gently twist it while placing it over the chignon. Add a pin to keep it there. Repeat for the other side as well.
  • Loosen it up to give it more of a messy feel.

Old School With Vintage Waves

The old-school look with vintage waves could work well with both long and short hair since it curves the hair without taking too much of the length away. To get the look, you should:

  • Give your hair a good wash and then dry it a little.
  • Brush your hair with a comb.
  • Then, you can start with the top of your hair, and in rows of about an inch, you twist that section of your hair around your finger and pin it to your head with a big, metal clip.
  • Make your way down your hair, covering it in small circles,
  • Spray your hair a bit with hairspray and dry it gently.
  • Let it sit until it is totally dry.
  • When it is ready, take out the clips and using a comb, brush the hair out, adding the curls together. Use your hands to mold the waves. This should take about ten to 20 minutes. You can tease the bottom layers to add fullness.
  • Before you go out, you can add some finishing or smoothing serum.

Look Like a Schoolgirl With a Side Plait

The side plait is a classic look that can make the wearer look younger and more playful. This is done by braiding your hair. You can divide your hair into three sections and intertwine them like a loose rope. This braid hairstyle goes on the side of your head, and it can be as large as you want it to be in the style of French braids. A little side plait could give you a spunky look, while a thick one could make you look playfully mature. The choice is yours.

For braid tutorials, head on here.

Sleek, Perfect Ponytail

The final do we will look at is the sleek ponytail. This style can arguably be the quickest and easiest look to pull off. What you do is you comb your hair well and gather everything at the back of your head. With a hair tie or a hairband (if you have a lot of hair), you make a simple ponytail by pulling your hair through the tie or band. However, make sure that you are holding the base of the ponytail tightly so as not to let loose hair fall out. When you are done, you can put gel on top and front of your hair to smooth it out. Brush up the baby hairs to finish it off.

Enjoy Your Date!

Hairstyles are important for Valentine’s Day, and there are so many that you can try. Give them a chance and see which one you like best. If you like it, your date will too. Happy Valentine’s Day and have fun!