Why do women love wearing wigs?

Why do women love wearing wigs?

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How Commonly Do People Wear Wigs?

Wearing wigs, weaves, and extensions is more popular now than ever. Back in the day, it was rude to ask if someone’s hair was fake. But nowadays, everyone’s speaking out about it, from celebrities and influencers to people close to us.


But how commonly do people really wear fake hair? It’s more common than you think. Women wear wigs to all kinds of occasions, from celebrations to job interviews — and even on dates! So, it’s safe to say that you come in contact with so many people with fake hair daily, and you don’t even know it. 


The reason why women often opt for putting a wig on when going to an important event is the convenience. Think about the last time you tried to do your hair and how long that took you. Sometimes, it can take up to an hour to curl or straighten your hair and force it into the style you want. Even when you succeed at that task, your hair can simply fall in 30 minutes before you even get to the event. So, women wear wigs quite often to avoid the stress of forcing their hair into a style it doesn’t want to stay in.

Are Women the Only Ones Allowed to Use Wigs?

The short answer is: of course not! Men can wear wigs too, but it’s usually frowned upon, or they’re shamed for it. That’s why men started wearing something called ‘hair systems,’ which are similar to wigs but don’t carry the weight of the word. While women wear fake hair to bypass the effort needed for styling their hair, men wear it to mask baldness.


Many think that men are the most worried about their height, and while that is true, being bald is something that worries them the most. This is especially the case if they have thick and luscious hair. Sometimes, hair starts falling out due to stress or bad genes. So, what can men do in that situation? They can wear wigs or hair systems to make up for the hair loss. This is something that should definitely be normalized.


However, men can also wear ‘women’s wigs.’ A lot of men do drag or cosplay, so those might be some situations where they would opt for fake hair. On the other hand, some men just wonder what it would be like to have long hair, and that’s as good a reason as any to wear a wig.

Women Love Wigs Because…

But let’s talk more about why women love wigs. It’s not just the convenience that draws them to wearing fake hair — keeping their hair safe and healthy is important too. If a woman has curly hair, it’s not unusual that she’ll want to straighten it and vice versa. We’re not sure why this is the case, but the curling and straightening processes can be very damaging to our locks. This is especially the case when women have thin or silky hair.


Plus, some women might want to dye their hair or try some funky colors like pink, green, orange, etc. There’s always a fear that it may not look good on them, but they can’t do much to change things once their hair is dyed. That’s where wigs come in. Wearing wigs can help you try many different hairstyles without damaging or ruining your hair.

How Wigs Affect Women’s Confidence

Let’s be honest: a woman’s hair is one of the most important things. Having a good hair day can boost your confidence, and we all know how having a bad hair day makes us feel. Now, imagine if you could have a guaranteed good hair day whenever you want. Plus, you’re able to pull off any hairstyle or color you desire. All of that is possible when you wear wigs. Nobody will know you’re wearing it, and it can last you a long time if you’re taking good care of it.

On the other hand, some women might have hair that’s thinning or falling out, or they’re balding for whatever reason. This can have a severe impact on their confidence and mental health. All of that changes when they simply put a wig on.

Why It Is Common Among Black Women

When we think of wigs, we think of black women wearing them most often. It’s not only that women of color wear wigs a lot, but they know how to carry, style, and make them look incredible. But why are they wearing fake hair so much? Women of color like to switch it up too, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.


The most common misconception about black women and wigs is that they’re wearing them because they hate their natural hair. That’s so far away from the truth. Black women naturally have really curly or kinky hair that usually comes in a 4c type/pattern. Maintaining or styling this kind of hair can be time-consuming and take a lot of product and effort. The same goes for protecting it, which is why black women often wear wigs.


Wearing a wig can be compared to wearing a bonnet while sleeping. It protects your hair, letting it grow and be healthy. You’re not exposing it to heat, sun damage, or toxic dyes. At the same time, you’re able to have any hairstyle you want. So, the reason why it’s so common for black women to wear wigs is that they want to protect their natural hair.

Ending Words

Last but definitely not least, you should take good care of your wig so it can last you a long time. Did you ever ask yourself why there are curly and straight hair wigs? You can just use your curling iron or straightening to change it, right? Wrong. Heating tools will damage both your wig and natural hair, so stay away from them. These tools can even melt your wig if it’s made from synthetic hair.


The best thing you can do is:


  • Invest in wig-friendly washing and styling products
  • Take your wig to a hairstylist


Remember, the less you wear your wig, the longer it will last. Don’t sleep in your wig and don’t forget to take care of your natural hair too. Just because your hair is protected doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain it.