Why Men Should Also Take Care of His Eyebrows

Why Men Should Also Take Care of His Eyebrows

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Skincare has long since been a “girl thing” in men’s eyes. As such, the guys tend to steer clear of anything skincare-related.

Eyebrow care is even less on men’s list of priorities. But is that a mistake?

It absolutely is. You can completely change your look with just a few tweaks with a tweezer. If you feel unhappy with your brows, there’s no reason to hesitate with getting some work done on them.

Do you need more convincing? Probably, so read on to get the whole picture.

Eyebrow Care Is Only for Girls

Probably the first response that came to your mind was that men’s eyebrow care is for girls. That’s the biggest reason why men sneer at the thought of giving their forehead caterpillar a trim. See these female eyebrow secrets.

Sadly, like so many facets of hygiene, the entire idea of men’s eyebrow care has been effectively barred off by stereotypes and fears of not being manly enough.

After all, women take care of their “slugs” all the time, don’t they? They’ve been doing it for decades now. For as long as anyone today can remember, actually. You’d be hard-pressed to come across a woman that doesn’t do it, at least occasionally.

Men, on the other hand, either don’t want to do it or are afraid of doing it.

That prevalence of women taking care of their eyebrows, compared to the relative lack of men doing the same, only feeds into men’s anxieties of somehow betraying the masculine ideal.

Still don’t buy it? Well, let’s be masculinely rational about it and lay down the argument logically. You do want to be rational, don’t you?

How Important Is Eyebrow Care for Men

For a man, eyebrow style and care can be beneficial in many ways.

In fact, it’s pretty wild how much your facial features can change depending on the shape of your Gallaghers. Have you ever seen someone with shaved eyebrows? Or maybe seen a photoshopped image of a celeb without eyebrows?

If you have, then you know exactly how uncanny that can make a person look. That there is evidence enough of how much eyebrow shape can impact your appearance. The right changes at the right places can make you a hell of a lot more attractive.

And why should you care about how you look? Well, there are tons of reasons. Most importantly, it’s a great confidence booster. Knowing that you look your best fills you with a sense of confidence. You feel more capable of doing just about anything.

And that confidence does show. You notice people taking notice of you more often, drawn in by the impression that you’ve got the world under your feet. Your employer might notice it and give you that promotion you’ve been hoping for. It makes it easier to get dates. Maybe you get a great job you wouldn’t be able to nail before.

Naturally, it’s silly to assume that all of that comes from plucking a few hairs off your eyebrows. However, the right shape of your brows can contribute to that more than you might think.

How to Maintain Your Eyebrows

So, we’ve covered the “why” of the situation. Now, let’s take care of the “how.” Here are some great tips for maintaining your brow hairs.

Get a Pro to Help You

Before you get started, getting help or tips from a pro would be a good idea. 

It’s important to point out that you’d need a male eyebrow care specialist, not one for women. There are some key differences between women’s and men’s eyebrow grooming (strength of hair follicles, how brow shape frames a masculine face vs. a feminine one, etc.).

Having someone to talk to about this topic is so useful. It’s not so easy to find someone like that, though, so good luck!

Find the Right Tools

You don’t really need to visit a beauty salon every time you want to spruce up your eyebrows. Just take the right instruments for the job and take care of business yourself.

You don’t really need to visit a beauty salon every time you want to spruce up your eyebrows. Just take the right instruments for the job and take care of it yourself.

But there are other tools to consider. Scissors or clippers come in handy when trimming eyebrow hairs that stick out but don’t need plucking. You’ll probably need a fine comb (like a mustache comb) to brush your eyebrows, too. Hell, some men even buy eyebrow waxing kits if the situation is dire enough.

Pluck Above, Not Below

When plucking, it’s important to keep the excess hair removal above the body of the brow and not below. The ones over the brow are the really visible ones, and they’ll make a ton of difference.

The stray hairs under the brow, on the other hand, hurt like a bitch when plucking, and don’t do all that much to improve your overall brow shape.

Keep It Regular

Hairs tend to grow slowly on your brows, but even a little bit of growth shows. That’s why it’s important to maintain them regularly despite the slow hair growth. It’s not too different from shaving your mustache or beard.

For more comprehensive eyebrow tips, see this article.

Final Tip: Do Not Overdo It 

Maybe the most important piece of advice for you is to keep your eyebrow grooming simple. The less work you need to do, the less at risk you are of ruining your eyebrows. 

Bushy brows may look bad, but overdone ones can easily look worse. And since they grow slower than facial hair, your mistake will just be on display for longer.

The key is to adhere to your brows’ natural shape. Remove as little as possible to keep their optimal form.