Know the Top Hair Straightening Methods

Know the Top Hair Straightening Methods

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Hair straightening is at an all-time high these days. You see all these influencers having perfectly straight and silky, long hair — no wonder you want the same thing.

There are many methods to achieve this, but we bring you only the top ones.


If you’re into all things hair, you may have heard about hair rebonding. It’s one of many chemical solutions for straight hair. If you’re not afraid of some chemistry, let us explain how this actually works.

Hair rebonding is somewhat a lengthy process. It involves hair washing, drying, ironing, steaming, and applying relaxants and neutralizers. It doesn’t sound like a lot to go through for perfectly straight and silky hair.

You might be wondering how rebonding straightens hair. Well, your hair contains proteins that bind together and give your hair structure. That can be wavy, curly, straight, etc. This process aims to rebond your hairs’ proteins and give you the straight hair you desire.

Rebonding is also great if you have straight, frizzy hair. Yes, when we say silky smooth, we really mean exactly that. This method is quite effective but not known enough in the beauty world.


Ah, the trusty straightening iron. If you’re on the hunt for perfectly straight hair, this was probably the first method you’ve tried. Everyone tries the iron at least once. So how iron straightens hair is common knowledge, unless you’ve been living under a rock.

It’s all about applying heat. Of course, before beginning this process, you must use some kind of product that will protect your hair from heat. Why? You could easily burn your hair. One wrong move, and you’ll end up looking like Cynthia from The Rugrats.

Thankfully, using a straightening iron is easier than people think. One swipe across a strand of your hair should be enough to make and keep it straight. If your hair is more stubborn than that, you might have to look into other ways to achieve what you want.

Hair Relaxing

Here’s yet another chemical way to straighten your hair. So let’s see how hair relaxing straightens hair. It works at extremely high heat. Plus, this process lasts for hours, and it’s quite costly. However, the results are divine.

When it comes to chemical straighteners, they’re quite tricky if you tend to change your mind about your hair often. You have to take care of your hair a certain way after the process is done. And if you’re thinking about making it curly or wavy for an event, you can forget all about it because it can damage your new hairstyle.

Hair relaxing works the same way as rebonding. It affects the bonds your hair has created to reshape it and give it that flawless, straightened look. So is this method effective? Highly! Whether you should go for it depends only on how much money you want to invest in this and how long you want your results to last.

Keratin Treatment

This method is among the most popular ones, along with ironing. This is understandable since you’re not putting any chemicals in your hair. All you’re doing is giving it it’s life back.

So here’s how keratin treatment straightens hair. Keratin is a protein we all have in our hair. Gradually, with exposure to the sun, heat, and other elements, it leaves our hair, which makes it look dull, dry, and prone to breaking. Keratin treatment helps with that.

This treatment basically just adds the missing keratin back in your hair. It doesn’t alter it chemically. Some heat is needed for this process, but it’s no big deal, considering how smooth your hair will be. We hope you have some quality dry shampoo at hand because you won’t be allowed to wash your hair or style it for at least two days.

It might seem logical, but we want to make it clear that this treatment probably isn’t suitable for people who already have straight hair. If your hair is dull, you need to find other ways to revive it.

Why People Go to Great Lengths to Straighten Their Hair

Having pretty hair has always been one of the top priorities in both men and women. Often, people consider it a status symbol. The longer the hair, the better too, right? That’s only the case if it’s straight.

Straight hair is the easiest hair type to manage. You can wash it and care for it with ease. Not to mention, brushing it takes no time or effort at all. That’s one of the main reasons why people desire straight hair.

For others, it’s all about the aesthetic. Some people believe that frizzy or coily hair is unruly and almost untamable. The process of washing takes a long time, and let’s not even talk about the amount of product you have to use to keep it at bay. Sometimes, it just takes too much of your time and nerves to do it.

So it’s no wonder people want to have straight hair so badly.


Straightening your hair is often an easy process. However, sometimes, it requires a lot of time, money, and dedication to keep it how you want it. Your hairstylist will tell you all about the best method to straighten your hair, but you can always start with a simple iron.