Men’s Hair Care Guide

Men’s Hair Care Guide

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Treating male hair is not different from treating female hair since there are virtually no differences between sexes in that regard. Usually, it’s only the length that varies. But fashion styles differ between individuals, and so do hairstyles.

Women dye, blow-dry, and iron their hair much more often, though, so they often need additional care. However, there is a misconception that men’s hair only needs to be washed and left to dry. But haircare for men is much more than that! And guys too can benefit from the same tips that ladies share.


Washing hair begins with adjusting the water temperature. It should be neither too hot nor too cold. Even though you are a male and your immune system is supposed to be stronger, extreme water temperatures can damage the hair cuticles.

Hot water will completely eradicate your hair’s natural moisture. If it’s too cold, you’ll get split ends. Therefore, lukewarm water will be ideal for shiny and smooth locks.

It’s no secret that the quality of the water you use to wash your hair also plays a big role in its appearance and quality — the richer it is in calcium carbonate and magnesium sulfate, the better.


It often seems that men’s hair is drastically different from women’s because it is sharper and coarser. It is because men usually pay less attention to their hair than women do. They often forget to use conditioners or do not use them at all. But conditioners and balms make our hair soft and supple.

They act as a protective layer and help retain all the nutrients the hair needs. At the same time, the balm makes it easier to comb and style.

After rinsing, apply some conditioner on your damp hair and leave it for a few minutes before washing it off. The balm straightens the cuticles and gives the hair volume, softness, and a shinier look.

These products should be used after each wash unless your hair is extremely short (so much so that you cannot avoid applying conditioners to the strands).

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Brush Your Hair

Most people forget about this, but it can do wonders. However, brushing is not always good.

Those who have curly or damaged hair should avoid combing as it will further damage the follicles. It is better to apply a little oil on the ends instead. Those who have strong hair should comb it regularly because that will encourage the exchange of natural oils.

When choosing a hairbrush, choose those with natural bristles and rounded tips to preserve the hair and prevent oiliness. It is crucial to maintain proper hygiene too. After each use, first, clean the comb, and then wash with a mixture of warm water and shampoo.

Also, never brush completely wet hair, as it is prone to cracking. Pat it with a towel first and leave it to dry for about 20 minutes.


Hairstyling depends not only on the taste and personal style of each man but also on his hair’s quality. It’s okay to adjust your style to the trends, but realize that you are not and should not look like some movie star. It’s crucial to come up with a hairstyle for men that suits you.

If you have hair long enough to experiment with, try to make it match your face shape and style. Many products on the market will help you do that: pomades, creams, pastes, oils, waxes, clays, gels, etc. All those products will not only make your hair look nice, but they will also protect it.

Whichever product you choose, make sure it has ingredients that nourish your hair and make it lush. It is advisable to use a smaller amount of styling substances. Otherwise, your hair will appear greasy instead of voluminous.

If you use hair styling products, you should wash them out of your hair at the end of the day. For that, you should use some paraben and sulfates free shampoos.

Be Mindful of Hair Products

No matter how advanced the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry is, it is unlikely that one product will fulfill all your needs. That is why it is essential to recognize the characteristics of your hair.

Avoid washing it with aggressive shampoos every time you shower. That can change the structure of the scalp. Also, you must use the appropriate amount of shampoo. A higher dose than necessary will only make rinsing more difficult, which can result in cracked and dry hair.

Haircare for men is not a complicated process; it just requires a little more attention and time. Be patient, and choose products that suit you. Don’t forget that prevention is the best solution, so, whenever possible, prevent the appearance of side effects.

If you have oily or dry hair or problems such as dandruff and hair loss, always choose natural products without chemicals.

Blow Dry It

After washing, dry your hair with a towel first, without sudden and rough movements that could cause it to break. All you have to do is pat it to soak up the excess water.

If you decide to blow-dry your hair later, keep the blow dryer at a distance of about 15 cm from your head.  The airflow from the hairdryer should always be directed from the roots to the ends. That prevents the outer cuticle from opening and ensures your locks are going to shine later on. Be aware of the temperature. The ideal temperature is the one you like when you point the blow dryer at the skin at the back of your upper arm.

To avoid heat damage, use a hair spray — just apply it everywhere after using a towel and before using a blow dryer. If you have short hair and enough time, you can also let it dry naturally.

If you still don’t know how to blow dry your hair without getting damaged, see this Wikihow Article.