How to Style Your Hair for a Job Interview

As you know, first impressions can mean everything, especially when applying for a job. However, what you may have overlooked or thought about last minute is your job interview hairstyle. So let’s see what you can do about it.

Why Do You Need to Worry About This?

Appearances can tell employers a lot about who the candidates are or who they want to be. They take note of it. It can tell them how serious you are about getting the job. If you put thought and effort into the way you dress, how your hair looks, and how you behave, then would you not do the same for the job you want? Likewise, if you arrive at the interview looking as if you just woke up, how serious are you about getting the job?

That is why a certain dress code is important. However, all this can mean nothing if

Trichophilia: Fetish or Disorder?

People are into all sorts of things. But did you know that some people love hair? Of course, you did. There is a reason why the beauty industry is thriving. However, some people like hair a lot more than others. For them, watching a shampoo commercial might be equal to porn.

What Is Trichophilia

Trichophilia is, simply put, a hair fetish. People with this type of fetish find hair (most commonly head hair) sexually arousing. As you can probably expect, there are many different types of trichophilia. Some people enjoy looking at it, brushing, or playing with it. However, this doesn’t always have to be related to head hair. Some people may be into chest hair, armpit, or even fur.

Furthermore, the length, color, and even hairstyle are subjective, and a person may enjoy very long or short hair or a specific hairstyle. Since everyone has a different taste, one …

Maintaining the fluffiness of your animal tails

Animal tails are extremely cute. Just look at how fluffy you are. They can make you feel both cute and sexy, which is a perfect combination. 

So what are these tail plugs exactly? Think of Halloween costume tails, except these are a part of you in a different kind of play — BDSM pet play. However, they can be used for regular fantasy, anal play too. 

Whether you want to get in full costume or just add a tail, is your choice. Go for whatever you like more. Or whatever your partner prefers. 

There are different tail sizes, complementing the animal they resemble. However, since it’s essentially a butt plug, there are different sizes of the part that goes into your butt too. If you’re new to anal play, go for something smaller. It might take some time and practice to get used to the feeling of wearing a plug,

Rules to Live by for Great Hair

Lush and shiny hair has always been a reflection of health, but it also symbolizes freedom, strength, and power. Nowadays, with so many products and skillful hairdressers, we can have beautiful hair like from the ad. On the other side, there are some hair care tips we should follow to have a long, shiny mane. If you want to know how to have healthy hair, you are in the right place.

Avoid Heat

Many girls press their hair every day, but they do not know how important it is to protect their hair from heat. Whenever we treat the hair with presses and curlers, we melt fibers made of elastin, which is responsible for the firmness of hair. Soon, there are changes in the follicle as well. Hair is too dry and lifeless, and the ends are split.

How heat affects your hair depends largely on its quality and strength, …

The Things That Your Hair Can Tell About Your State of Health

Do you ever wonder what your hair can tell you about your health? Maybe spotting a few gray hairs or too much shedding indicates that you’re a bit more than just stressed out. 

Looking at your hair’s condition means more than just what it looks like aesthetically. So, let’s take a look at some of the things your hair can tell you.

Hair Is Graying Earlier Than Expected

Gray hair is something nobody wants to see before they get really old. We’re talking about when we’re 60 or over. But what if you’re noticing gray hairs in your twenties or thirties? Sound all of the alarms because something is definitely wrong. 

There are several reasons why your hair would lose its pigmentation at such an early stage in your life. The first thing we all think of is stress, and that’s entirely correct. Consistently being in stressful situations and having

Corn dildos: a better alternative to an actual corn

Have you seen that YouTube video called “Angel’s Bonus Technique?” Yeah, the one with the grapefruit. If you haven’t, we hope that the rock you’re living under is cozy enough. If you have, you know precisely how well fruit and blowjobs go together. Let’s face it — we can still hear Angel’s sound effect.

Now, you know how you look at a box with two holes in it, and you immediately see it as a face? That’s an evolutionary remnant from our hunting days. Perhaps it has nothing to do with our past, but we experience a similar process when we see a piece of corn. There’s no denying it — it looks like a dick! Some of us use corn to be funny in front of our pals (hey, look at my yellow cock-a-doodle-doo), but others see actual pleasure in it. When you search for corn (not on Google),

Men’s Hair Care Guide

Treating male hair is not different from treating female hair since there are virtually no differences between sexes in that regard. Usually, it’s only the length that varies. But fashion styles differ between individuals, and so do hairstyles.

Women dye, blow-dry, and iron their hair much more often, though, so they often need additional care. However, there is a misconception that men’s hair only needs to be washed and left to dry. But haircare for men is much more than that! And guys too can benefit from the same tips that ladies share.


Washing hair begins with adjusting the water temperature. It should be neither too hot nor too cold. Even though you are a male and your immune system is supposed to be stronger, extreme water temperatures can damage the hair cuticles.

Hot water will completely eradicate your hair’s natural moisture. If it’s too cold, you’ll get split …

Know the Top Hair Straightening Methods

Hair straightening is at an all-time high these days. You see all these influencers having perfectly straight and silky, long hair — no wonder you want the same thing.

There are many methods to achieve this, but we bring you only the top ones.


If you’re into all things hair, you may have heard about hair rebonding. It’s one of many chemical solutions for straight hair. If you’re not afraid of some chemistry, let us explain how this actually works.

Hair rebonding is somewhat a lengthy process. It involves hair washing, drying, ironing, steaming, and applying relaxants and neutralizers. It doesn’t sound like a lot to go through for perfectly straight and silky hair.

You might be wondering how rebonding straightens hair. Well, your hair contains proteins that bind together and give your hair structure. That can be wavy, curly, straight, etc. This process aims to rebond your hairs’

Avoiding Hair Damage — Using a Hair Dryer Correctly 


Drying your hair is an easy thing to do. But, there are ways that you can get your hair dry without avoiding hair dryer side effects. Since whenever you use a dryer on your hair, you will damage it a bit. But there are ways to minimize that damage. Doing so will not only make your hair look better, feel smoother, but it will make you feel great. Good hair can equal confidence.  

What Is the Use of a Hair Dryer?

While the primary use of a hair dryer is, well, to make your hair dry. However, using a hair dryer can also help style your hair, stop it being fuzzy, and add volume. But there are other ways that you can use this secretly handy device. That is, if you are feeling creative or end up in a pickle. 

Common Hair Dryer Uses and Effects

  • Warms up adhesive

What foods help you achieve healthy hair?

Having optimal health is something we all should strive for. The same applies to our hair. Having healthy hair isn’t just a matter of looking good — it’s a matter of feeling good as well.

If you struggle with hair loss, dry scalp, or split ends, this article is for you. And in case you just want to know how to help your hair grow healthier, you’re welcome too. 

We’ll keep it simple — no hairy business here.

Advantage of Having Healthy Hair

There are many advantages to having healthy hair. For example — and this might seem a bit odd — it’s way easier to maintain. Knowing what your hair needs helps you take care of it better. When you get into the routine, and your hair becomes healthier, it needs less attention. Or it might just seem that way because taking care of it now comes naturally.