What are the pros and cons of using a blow dryer?

Connecting the quality of hair and styling is two genres of taking care of oneself. The dust particles present in the air and the stressful thoughts in the head are two reasons for bad hair quality. Somewhat not taking care of your hair can be one of the reasons for hair loss. According to recent data, the quality of air has been decreasing day by day which leads to bad treatment of hair.

When it comes to the beauty of a human, hair is an integral part to rejuvenate the eternal elegance. Talking about the quality of hair, to be maintained according to the environment in you are living in the utmost priority to balance the exquisiteness. The overhauling routine of people is harming them a lot by the means of health and beauty.

When people wanted to dry their hair after washing at a fast rate, their existence of …

What foods help you achieve healthy hair?

Sweet Peppers

Beauty is a relative term. Several factors come into play when your beauty is judged, and one of the most important factors is the health and quality of your hair. We all want healthy, fast-growing hair so that we could enjoy the freedom hairstyle selection to suit the personality. The quality and health of your hair depend mainly on your age, genetics, food habit, climatic condition, and lifestyle. Some of the factors, like age, genetics, and climate, are beyond your control, but you are in control of your food habit and definitely the life-style.

You might be genetically gifted with great hair, but to keep it healthy and strong you have to follow a good hair care regime. It has been noticed that in environmental factors like extreme heat, cold, dust, pollutants along with a change in lifestyle like less and irregular sleep could damage your hair. If …

7 Golden Hair Rules

No matter the texture, colour or style, pretty much everyone wants hair that looks like it has been preened, primped and perfected by a salon professional on a daily basis, right?

But if your hectic schedule won’t allow a bi-weekly blow-dry and you’d prefer an extra twenty minutes in bed each morning over waiting for your deep conditioner to work its magic or grappling with the tongs, read on, because we’ve spoken to some of the experts in the business to pin down the seven key hair rules to live by for healthier, happier and more manageable tresses.

Bye, bad hair days.

1) Rethink the way you wash your hair

Mintel reports that 33% of women who have changed their washing habits in the last 12 months cite worrying about damage as the top reason, so how often should you be shampooing?

Well, industry experts argue that less is more. …

Top 20 natural ways for great hair

But, reality speaks a different story. Instead of spending on those branded shampoos and conditioners, Lina Victoria – Hair Restoration Expert shares some natural ways to get great hair. Follow these easy and simple beauty tips for hair to give that luster and shine, and flaunt your hair like the models do…

1. Egg treatment
Use the entire egg to condition your hair. If you have dry or brittle hair, use egg whites to moisturize your hair. Use ½ cup of any egg mixture (egg white, entire egg) and apply to clean, damp hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water. Try this one of the most effective beauty tips for hair and notice the change,

2. Cleanliness is important
The most important reason for hair fall is dandruff and itchy scalp. Therefore, maintain good cleanliness for beautiful and healthy hair.

3. Avoid hot water
Skip hot …

The Best Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Nothing is more important than having the perfect hairstyle for the right occasion. No matter if you’re attending a high-end event or with your significant other for a friend’s wedding, you want to make sure you’re the flyest in the room!

There are so many events that we will experience in life that will require the ideal look but who says it has to be appropriate according to society’s norm and standards? I think it is essential for every woman to become comfortable with stepping outside of their comfort zones and stepping into new limitless boundaries for any and all occasions. I believe in rocking the right hairstyle that suits you best and empowers you to feel and look great regardless of what you’re attending and who is there.

In today’s world of style, you no longer have to adhere and be restricted to a polished, neat look. Below I …

First date hair dos and dont’s

Heading on a first date? While you’re figuring out where to go and what to wear, don’t forget to give your hair some attention! Lina Victoria shares her first date hair dos and don’ts.

First dates couldn’t be more nerve-wracking. If all we had to do was put together the final details, it would probably be a piece of cake. Instead we spend countless hours trying on 20 different outfits and talking in the mirror, trying to figure out how to describe ourselves.

In the process, we tend to forget one minor thing: what men think about our hair at first sight. I have always been one to question my single male clients about their dating lives and am always shocked to see how much they actually DO notice the small things. Being a hairstylist, they always tell me what they thought about a woman’s hair. Taking their thoughts, …

Are men with long hair more attractive?

The question above asked has a reference of good looking males of society. The recent lifestyle demands good looking people. Some males with long hairs look utterly amazing. The balance between looks and health is especially paramount in this fast-paced world.

Does hair play a significant connection with style? Or hair has something to do with tradition?

Today we will look upon appealing characteristics of long hair on both the gender especially concentrating on men with long hairs. Around the world, many cultures believe that hair has a special significance in life. People around the world have various distinct thought and belief system. According to an ancient belief, hair holds the power of connection.

Sometimes hair rolls out to add tons of good look with reception. It blends the strong fashion growth with personality improvement to look for fundamentals and game of thinking. The history of long hair personifies the …

How to make perfect big curls for all occasions?

Say it God’s gift or evolutionary endowment, we humans have a natural crown of hair. You can use your hair to make a curly crown jewel of different types to fit the nature and character of the occasion. However, your freedom and flexibility to experiment with your hair will depend on the quality of your hair on your head. Your hair is a perfect reflection of your personal and health. Maintain a perfect dietary balance to fulfill the need of all types of nutrients and minerals required for healthy hair.

A healthy and well-nourished hair, composed of protein fiber, mainly alpha-keratin, grows around 1.25 cm in a month. Your hair is more complex than appears. It has three main layers namely; medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The hair follicle is the part where growth begins, which is the only living part of the hair. The quality and growth of your hair …

What is the role of your pubic hair during sexual intercourse?

Shot of an unidentifiable young woman trimming a small plant with manicure scissors in studio

There is a huge debate related to the pubic hair and whether one should keep it or not during their sexual intercourse. The first thing that should definitely pop into your mind is your preference. If you and your partner are comfortable with keeping the pubic hair during sexual intercourse, then you can definitely have it because it does have a lot of benefits. Apart from that, there are several benefits that pubic hair has and why one should not shave them.

Pubic hair does look gross to many people and which is why for hygienic purposes, they would prefer to remove the pubic hair, but according to studies not removing them is more hygienic. Once you remove your pubic hair completely and maintain them by using a proper cleanser in order to restrict the growth of different types of infection then you will save yourself from different types of …

Why you should maintain strong hair for better sex?

Most of the people aspire for the selection of a long-term mate during their life. The intersexual desire for choosing a mate is an endeavor to pursue. Selection of mate is based on various aspects makes it some sort of mystery. We don’t let anybody know the selection procedure of mate. Certain characteristics are evolved while selecting a mate for life.

Hair length and its quality act as a reminder of women’s youth and health. The reproductive potential is signified by hairs. Evolutionary psychology and research reports stated that hair is a signal of desirability and mate selection. Hair type, color and style affect the sexuality a lot and act as self-expression. Women’s hair exhibit features that seem attractive to men thus play an important part in the selection of a partner.

In an ancient time, long luscious hair was seen as a sign of beauty. The Greek Goddess of …

What are the hacks for sex hair?

Hair is the most important part of our personality and each one of you probably wants people to notice them. But, whom do you actually want to notice? That special one, right? Love, at first sight, is no myth. It happens. And your hair plays a very important role in that. It is a proven fact that when somebody looks at you for the first time, he probably looks at your face first and then the hair. If your hair is all set up and maintained you can make anybody fall for them and those girls jealous of you.

But, where do we need to look our best? Not really in front of all the people but that one person that we want should care. And when you are deeply in love, there comes to sex. Sex is an important part of any relationship and it’s really important for a …

Do you need to dye your hair when it turns grey?

Grey hair has become a common sight now a day and there are a lot of reasons behind this. It could be the stress that our daily life is giving us or the pollution that we face daily. Whatever reason it may be, the main point is that one should take the proper care of their hair. The biggest question that arises here is that, if your hair starts graying, do you need to dye it or not? Well, the answer to this question depends on your age, the condition of your hair and the method that you have adopted for coloring it. Here, we have discussed all the important facts related to the premature graying of hair. Have a look at the section below and you will get the answer to a lot of your questions.

Reasons for grey hair

There are several reasons due to which your hair …