Why Some Men Prefer Women With Short Hair

Do guys like girls with short hair? Or are they attracted only to those with luscious long locks? Long or short hair is one of the age-old questions. Here, we will discuss some of the reasons why some men prefer girls with short hair.

Short Hair Is Sexy

Throughout history, long hair has always been a symbol of beauty. We can see the importance of hair in religion, stories, myths, and they all show the power ladies with long locks possess. However, there are those who find short hair the definition of sexiness. The reason why the long-or-short-hair debate has been around for so long is that there are people in both groups.

As you probably know already, many cultures support longer hair on women, which is why many men find short hair sexy. For them, it is rebellious, different, and unique. Naturally, the choice of the “ideal” haircut depends

The Different Face Shapes That Influence Hairstyles

Why does knowing your face shape matter so much? It’s about more than just knowing yourself a bit better. 

Once you figure out your face shape, you’ll be able to experiment with different hairstyles that will suit you better than whatever you have going on right now. If you know your face shape but are unsure about hairstyles, let us help you out. 

Determining Your Face Shape

Figuring out what your face shape might be easier than you think. It’s a simple question of measurements if you want to be precise. However, if you don’t want to bother with that, taking a good look at your face will probably do the trick too.

There are many face shapes, as well as variations among and between them. What you need to pay attention to are your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and overall face length. Measuring and comparing them would be the most

Blonde or Brunette? Who Is More Sexually Attractive?

Imagine the perfect woman. No, not someone who’ll always be there for you or someone who makes a mean meatloaf. We mean the perfect-looking woman, from head to toe. Got it? Good.

What’s her hair color? No, stop thinking about her toes, you weirdo! We’re talking hair. 

If we conducted a survey, odds are some would say raven, a few imagined redheads, and the rest thought of a brunette and blonde. The last two are what we’re interested in. There’s always been a clash between admirers of brunettes and blondes. Who’s right, if anyone? Answering that is on the agenda today.

The Misconception

No matter the color, each kind of hair comes with its own baggage.

What does that mean? Be it blonde, brunette, blue, or bald, there are stereotypes associated with every hair color. Of course, being stereotypes, these notions are crude generalizations that hardly paint an accurate picture

What You Should Know About Keratin Treatment

If you’re looking for an efficient way to straighten your hair, this one is definitely it. It might be the one to break the bank, but it’s totally worth it when you look at all the benefits of it.

However, do keratin treatments have a dark side as well? Do they leave your hair permanently damaged? We’ll answer all of those questions and more down below.

What Is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment is one of the most popular hair straightening methods in the beauty world. Hearing the word “keratin” alone makes us think about all things beauty. You have probably come across a bunch of products that claim they have keratin in them. We won’t discuss whether or not that’s true in this article. The point is — you’ve heard of keratin.

Keratin is a protein found in all of our hair. Each strand of hair has some, so why

Cute Valentine’s Hairstyles to Impress Your Date

Valentine’s Date Hairstyles

With Valentine’s Day getting closer, you are probably wondering how to look fantastic for your date? This is normal, but have you given any thought to your hairstyle? Well, you are in the right place since we have some cute hairstyles for you to try before the big day.

Looking Your Best on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of love. It is a day known for its romance when you can enjoy the feeling of being in a romantic movie (if you are lucky.) It is an important day for those who love love as well as those who secretly do.

So if you have a date that you want to impress, your hairstyle is important. This Valentine’s Day, you can expect a lot of online dates instead of in-person ones due to obvious reasons. Therefore, your Valentine’s Day hairstyle is more important now than

Trichophilia: Fetish or Disorder?

People are into all sorts of things. But did you know that some people love hair? Of course, you did. There is a reason why the beauty industry is thriving. However, some people like hair a lot more than others. For them, watching a shampoo commercial might be equal to porn.

What Is Trichophilia

Trichophilia is, simply put, a hair fetish. People with this type of fetish find hair (most commonly head hair) sexually arousing. As you can probably expect, there are many different types of trichophilia. Some people enjoy looking at it, brushing, or playing with it. However, this doesn’t always have to be related to head hair. Some people may be into chest hair, armpit, or even fur.

Furthermore, the length, color, and even hairstyle are subjective, and a person may enjoy very long or short hair or a specific hairstyle. Since everyone has a different taste, one …

Rules to Live by for Great Hair

Lush and shiny hair has always been a reflection of health, but it also symbolizes freedom, strength, and power. Nowadays, with so many products and skillful hairdressers, we can have beautiful hair like from the ad. On the other side, there are some hair care tips we should follow to have a long, shiny mane. If you want to know how to have healthy hair, you are in the right place.

Avoid Heat

Many girls press their hair every day, but they do not know how important it is to protect their hair from heat. Whenever we treat the hair with presses and curlers, we melt fibers made of elastin, which is responsible for the firmness of hair. Soon, there are changes in the follicle as well. Hair is too dry and lifeless, and the ends are split.

How heat affects your hair depends largely on its quality and strength, …

Men’s Hair Care Guide

Treating male hair is not different from treating female hair since there are virtually no differences between sexes in that regard. Usually, it’s only the length that varies. But fashion styles differ between individuals, and so do hairstyles.

Women dye, blow-dry, and iron their hair much more often, though, so they often need additional care. However, there is a misconception that men’s hair only needs to be washed and left to dry. But haircare for men is much more than that! And guys too can benefit from the same tips that ladies share.


Washing hair begins with adjusting the water temperature. It should be neither too hot nor too cold. Even though you are a male and your immune system is supposed to be stronger, extreme water temperatures can damage the hair cuticles.

Hot water will completely eradicate your hair’s natural moisture. If it’s too cold, you’ll get split …

Know the Top Hair Straightening Methods

Hair straightening is at an all-time high these days. You see all these influencers having perfectly straight and silky, long hair — no wonder you want the same thing.

There are many methods to achieve this, but we bring you only the top ones.


If you’re into all things hair, you may have heard about hair rebonding. It’s one of many chemical solutions for straight hair. If you’re not afraid of some chemistry, let us explain how this actually works.

Hair rebonding is somewhat a lengthy process. It involves hair washing, drying, ironing, steaming, and applying relaxants and neutralizers. It doesn’t sound like a lot to go through for perfectly straight and silky hair.

You might be wondering how rebonding straightens hair. Well, your hair contains proteins that bind together and give your hair structure. That can be wavy, curly, straight, etc. This process aims to rebond your hairs’

Avoiding Hair Damage — Using a Hair Dryer Correctly 


Drying your hair is an easy thing to do. But, there are ways that you can get your hair dry without avoiding hair dryer side effects. Since whenever you use a dryer on your hair, you will damage it a bit. But there are ways to minimize that damage. Doing so will not only make your hair look better, feel smoother, but it will make you feel great. Good hair can equal confidence.  

What Is the Use of a Hair Dryer?

While the primary use of a hair dryer is, well, to make your hair dry. However, using a hair dryer can also help style your hair, stop it being fuzzy, and add volume. But there are other ways that you can use this secretly handy device. That is, if you are feeling creative or end up in a pickle. 

Common Hair Dryer Uses and Effects

  • Warms up adhesive

What foods help you achieve healthy hair?

Having optimal health is something we all should strive for. The same applies to our hair. Having healthy hair isn’t just a matter of looking good — it’s a matter of feeling good as well.

If you struggle with hair loss, dry scalp, or split ends, this article is for you. And in case you just want to know how to help your hair grow healthier, you’re welcome too. 

We’ll keep it simple — no hairy business here.

Advantage of Having Healthy Hair

There are many advantages to having healthy hair. For example — and this might seem a bit odd — it’s way easier to maintain. Knowing what your hair needs helps you take care of it better. When you get into the routine, and your hair becomes healthier, it needs less attention. Or it might just seem that way because taking care of it now comes naturally.


7 Golden Hair Rules

No matter the texture, colour or style, pretty much everyone wants hair that looks like it has been preened, primped and perfected by a salon professional on a daily basis, right?

But if your hectic schedule won’t allow a bi-weekly blow-dry and you’d prefer an extra twenty minutes in bed each morning over waiting for your deep conditioner to work its magic or grappling with the tongs, read on, because we’ve spoken to some of the experts in the business to pin down the seven key hair rules to live by for healthier, happier and more manageable tresses.

Bye, bad hair days.

1) Rethink the way you wash your hair

Mintel reports that 33% of women who have changed their washing habits in the last 12 months cite worrying about damage as the top reason, so how often should you be shampooing?

Well, industry experts argue that less is more. …

Top 20 natural ways for great hair

But, reality speaks a different story. Instead of spending on those branded shampoos and conditioners, Lina Victoria – Hair Restoration Expert shares some natural ways to get great hair. Follow these easy and simple beauty tips for hair to give that luster and shine, and flaunt your hair like the models do…

1. Egg treatment
Use the entire egg to condition your hair. If you have dry or brittle hair, use egg whites to moisturize your hair. Use ½ cup of any egg mixture (egg white, entire egg) and apply to clean, damp hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cool water. Try this one of the most effective beauty tips for hair and notice the change,

2. Cleanliness is important
The most important reason for hair fall is dandruff and itchy scalp. Therefore, maintain good cleanliness for beautiful and healthy hair.

3. Avoid hot water
Skip hot …

The Best Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Nothing is more important than having the perfect hairstyle for the right occasion. No matter if you’re attending a high-end event or with your significant other for a friend’s wedding, you want to make sure you’re the flyest in the room!

There are so many events that we will experience in life that will require the ideal look but who says it has to be appropriate according to society’s norm and standards? I think it is essential for every woman to become comfortable with stepping outside of their comfort zones and stepping into new limitless boundaries for any and all occasions. I believe in rocking the right hairstyle that suits you best and empowers you to feel and look great regardless of what you’re attending and who is there.

In today’s world of style, you no longer have to adhere and be restricted to a polished, neat look. Below I …

First date hair dos and dont’s

Preparing for a first date is something every lady does, but one of the major things that they can often overlook is what is on their head — their hair. Guys notice hair, and they judge it. So make your natural hair stand out to go above and beyond for your first date night! 

Get Your Hair Done If You Have Gray Hair

Age is something unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be visible in your hair. If you have grays, get your hair dyed so that you look fresh. Why not prepare for your date by popping into a salon and letting your hairdresser help you show off the best version of yourself? They can undoubtedly make your hair shine. You can also try to stand out by getting a haircut not many women sport, just to make your style pop out more. Plus, a blow-dry can do wonders

Hair Care Tips for Men

Yes, men. You, too, need hair care tips that will make you both look and feel good. 

Going out of your routine can feel like stepping out of your comfort zone. Everything is new and scary, and you don’t know what will work and what won’t. This hair care guide is nothing like that as it’s super easy to follow and incorporate into your existing routine. 

We won’t be talking about specific products that will make your hair healthy in a day — too many wrong products, you will learn, can be bad for you. The path to healthy hair doesn’t need to be long, but you need to stay on it for the best results. 

These are easy tips anyone can follow, as no tools or products are required — only a little willingness to change. That might seem like a drag at first, but we assure you that

Finding Your Natural Hair Curl Pattern

Different types of hair flow in different ways. Instead of changing your hairdo to suit the current trend, why not let it fall naturally?

Curly girls are a sight to behold, and people can easily be envious of your locks. Finding your natural curl pattern does not need to be a difficult task. You can have fun exploring what your hair can do as well as grab a couple of eyes in the process. 

Plus, once you know how your hair flows, you can learn how to format it into different styles. But natural is always the way to go!  

Occasions Where You Can Wear Your Curly Hair

Curly hair works on many occasions. Some of them can be formal, and others can be a good old night out in the town. If you know what the occasion is, you can style your hair texture accordingly. Do not be afraid

Should You Shave Your Pubic Hair?

Shot of an unidentifiable young woman trimming a small plant with manicure scissors in studio

Everyone has their pubic hair preferences, and the topic of private grooming is heavily debated. While our ancestors used to be covered in a fuzzy layer of hair all over their bodies, shaving the vaginal or penile areas is common today. It results in a tidy and clean look and makes the genitals more accessible during various sexual activities. 

We all know shaving was popularized by pornography a few decades ago. However, it seems that the bush has recently seen a resurgence in popular culture. So should you shave your pubic hair, and does that include some health risks or benefits? Let’s find out!

Protective Layer for Friction

Contrary to popular opinion, pubic hair has a few different health purposes. It grows around the entire pubic area, which includes the pubic bone as well as the genitals. In puberty, pubes develop due to a spike in sexual hormones. Additionally, it

Why do women love wearing wigs?

How Commonly Do People Wear Wigs?

Wearing wigs, weaves, and extensions is more popular now than ever. Back in the day, it was rude to ask if someone’s hair was fake. But nowadays, everyone’s speaking out about it, from celebrities and influencers to people close to us.


But how commonly do people really wear fake hair? It’s more common than you think. Women wear wigs to all kinds of occasions, from celebrations to job interviews — and even on dates! So, it’s safe to say that you come in contact with so many people with fake hair daily, and you don’t even know it. 


The reason why women often opt for putting a wig on when going to an important event is the convenience. Think about the last time you tried to do your hair and how long that took you. Sometimes, it can take up to

Dealing With Different Types of Hair Loss

Losing your hair can be scary, especially if it’s the thing that makes you confident. There are a lot of reasons why our hair falls out, and most of them can be dealt with.

So let’s take a closer look at what causes hair loss and how to deal with it.

The Types of Hair Loss in Women

There are many reasons why we suddenly or gradually lose hair. Sure, blaming it on stress is one way to explain it all. However, it’s important to note that hair loss can occur on all body parts. We’re sure nobody would mind if the hair in unwanted places just fell out and never grew back.

Sadly, the scalp is where hair loss is the most evident, and that’s where it usually happens. Plenty of conditions can cause hair loss, but we will keep our list short.

Hair loss is also known as

Why Men Should Also Take Care of His Eyebrows

Skincare has long since been a “girl thing” in men’s eyes. As such, the guys tend to steer clear of anything skincare-related.

Eyebrow care is even less on men’s list of priorities. But is that a mistake?

It absolutely is. You can completely change your look with just a few tweaks with a tweezer. If you feel unhappy with your brows, there’s no reason to hesitate with getting some work done on them.

Do you need more convincing? Probably, so read on to get the whole picture.

Eyebrow Care Is Only for Girls

Probably the first response that came to your mind was that men’s eyebrow care is for girls. That’s the biggest reason why men sneer at the thought of giving their forehead caterpillar a trim. See these female eyebrow secrets.

Sadly, like so many facets of hygiene, the entire idea of men’s eyebrow care has been effectively

Can Masturbation Cause Hair Loss and Other Masturbation Myths

Why Do Male Masturbation Myths Exist?

There are many myths involving masturbation. The best has got to be the pre-date masturbation. Namely, many say that if you “relax” yourself by having an orgasm before meeting with your date, you’ll look calmer and more relaxed and get more good boy points from your partner. What is more important, you will last longer during any potential sexual encounter.

I guess we are all just holes and vibrators, and there’s nothing else involved in the build-up of sexual tension, right? The truth is, masturbation myths, just like sex myths, exist because we suck at it. We don’t know the right moves, the right setup, or the appropriate aids we need to get ourselves off. And let’s face it, we’re doing it a bit too much lately, not knowing if there is such a thing as healthy masturbation.

It Can Cause Hair Loss

To …

Signs That a Woman Likes You

We can easily figure out when someone likes somebody else, but if we have to decode those small signs directed at us — we are insecure and blind. Women can fool even the smartest men! However, in order to truly understand them, you must also carefully observe all non-verbal signs that will reveal their true intentions or attitudes. That is why we have compiled a list of the most common signs that confirm a girl likes you. Read on for some precious insights and dating tips.

Smiles at You a Lot

One of the first rules of dating is — try to make your date smile. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if she likes you. Does she often smile while talking to you? When someone smiles only out of politeness, their mouth is usually closed. On the other hand, a wide smile, especially if accompanied by compliments, shows interest. …